Climbing Mount Kinabalu in Borneo: Day 1 Part 4 – Layang Shelter to Laban Rata

trees mist mount kinabalu

The next part of the hike from Timpohon Gate was mostly of trees and mist…

While the first part for the hike from Timpohon Gate to Layang Shelter was basically just a stroll in the park – walking through a forest, climbing upward slowly with views of trees, soil and rocks, the next bit got steeper and slightly more challenging. It was also misty and therefore the first part of the hike was nothing much to write about. The latest part of my story of climbing Mount Kinabalu in Borneo.

time of hiking mount kinabalu

We were keeping time on the hike.

We were keeping time on the hike and it was 12.09 when we reached the 3.5 kilometre mark. After all the posts on this hike are complete, I’ll probably do a timeline of our hike.

mount kinabalu hike relaxing better views

Relaxing on rocks just before the views got better.

Then after lunch, the views got better. The hike took a turn to the right at one point and as we glanced up you could see the higher part of Mount Kinabalu.

4.5 km mount kinabalu hike

Once we passed the Willosa Shelter and the 4.5 kilometre mark, views improved.

I believe this was just after the 4.5 kilometre mark. Near the Willosa Shelter.


mount kinabalu hike inspiring

We could start to see the top of Mount Kinabalu – we were getting inspired!

It was on this part of the hike that you really started to feel inspired. Excellent views, an upward climb up steps and to the left the view was clear.

jonny blair hiking mount kinabalu

Starting to enjoy the views up to the top of Mount Kinabalu.

We were in the middle of the pack I’d say. Those that get ahead will get to the base at Laban Rata fairly early, giving them time to relax, shower and enjoy the views. We weren’t keen on bombing it up there so fast for this. We already knew we would make it easily for dinner time and pre sunset, so we took it leisurely, savouring the views and as you can tell, taking photographs on the way.

plants on mount kinabalu

Interesting plant/fruit on the way up Mount Kinabalu.

raspberries on mount kinabalu

On the way up I spotted these – not sure if they are raspberries or not!

There were a few interesting plants on the way, a few peculiar ones, one which looked like raspberry but apparently isn’t. Yes, when you take it slow and easy you have time to appreciate these types of things. There’s no rush on Day 1 – you will make it to the base easily.

day 1 mount kinabalu

The rocky climb towards the end of the hike on Day 1.

From the Ponduk Paka Shelter, it was an upward rocky climb with trees on either side and an obscured view to the top.

getting to laban rata

You might have seen my Northern Ireland flag before – I fly it all over the world, here was me on the way up to Laban Rata.

As this was the last part of the hike for the day, it really is not important to rush things. You’ll still have plenty of time to relax at the top and dinner isn’t served until around 5pm anyway so no rush.

chilling out on mount kinabalu

It’s important to take time to chill out on the way up too!

There is ample chance to just stop and relax and take it all in. My girlfriend and I got snap happy too and took a lot of photos.

laban rata mount kinabalu

Chilling out and posing on the way up to Laban Rata, Mount Kinabalu.

It’s also nice to gaze up and down – if you get a clear sky you can see the top of Mount Kinabalu and below you get a reality check of just how high up you are!

hiking mount kinabalu panny yu

A nice shot with our guide Jack, me and my girlfriend all in!

mount kinabalu hike making notes

Stopping off for a breather at the 5.5 kilometre mark to make notes for this very blog!

There was a helipad at the 3,o52 metre mark and by 14.17 (2.17 pm) we were at the 5.5 kilometre mark. As always, I was working on the move and I stopped here to make my notes and have a breather!

pobdok paka shelter mount kinabalu

By the time we reached the Ponduk Paka Shelter, we knew it wasn’t much further. We had passed the 5 kilometre mark and it was still early afternoon. I carried a map with me the whole way, plotting and time the route as we went.

mount kinabalu hiking map jonny blair

Marking our times on my map as we hiked up Mount Kinabalu.

We had been booked into the Waras Hut at Laban Rata. Depending on when you book and how you book the hike, you will be put in a certain place. We didn’t really care where we were staying, just happy to be on the hike. You’ll know from reading this blog that I’m not fussy about where I stay!

waras hut mount kinabalu hike

Arrival at our base for the night – the Waras Hut on Mount Kinabalu at Laban Rata.

So the next part of the hike saw us arrive at the Waras Hut! It’s the lowest hut on the hike and the first you come to. However we had to go up to the base at Laban Rata to check in first, but it was nice to have arrived. The hiking part of Day 1 was over and it wasn’t all that bad at all. We were both ready to relax at Laban Rata and eat some decent dinner!

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