Climbing Mount Kinabalu in Borneo: Day 1 Part 2 – Sorting Things out at Kinabalu National Park

hiking mount kinabalu

Climbing Mount Kinabalu in Borneo – at the sign by Kinabalu National Park entrance.

So following on from part 1, we were now at Mount Kinabalu National Park. I have written a couple of decent detailed posts on organising the hike and how much it costs, so when we arrived at Kinabalu National Park, we had everything booked – it was merely picking up a few things, paying some of the money we still owed and getting into a small mini-bus down to the gate.

kinabalu national park passes

Passes for Mount Kinabalu National Park at 15 Ringitts each.

First of all we went through the gate and bought our National Park Conservation Fee Passes, at a cost of 15 Ringitts, rather than tell the story “and then I did this” etc., here’s a list of what we picked up at the National Park entrance before the hike, all prices in Malaysian Ringitts, my post linked above gives a full breakdown of these costs, and also in US Dollars:

1. Conservation Fee Passes – 15 Ringitts
2. Meal Vouchers for the 2 days – included in deposit
3. Packed lunch for Day 1 – included in deposit
4. Hiking Permit for Mount Kinabalu – included in deposit (though officially 100 Ringitts)
5. Hiking Insurance – included in deposit (though officially 7 Ringitts)
6. Mountain Guide – 64 Ringitts
7. One Night’s Accommodation at Laban Rata – included in deposit
8. Shuttle Bus Return to Timpohon Gate – 16.5 Ringitts
The Grand total cost for us to climb Mount Kinabalu over 2 days was 672.5 Ringitts ($221 US Dollars) so it’s not cheap, but was worth it believe me!
passes for mount kinabalu at the national park

Getting my pass on ready for climbing Mount Kinabalu.

After checking we had all those things sorted, we were introduced to our mountain guide – a decent local guy called Jack – we really liked him. He let us go at our own pace, took plenty of photos of us and stopped whenever we wanted. He also helped my girlfriend up some tricky parts of the hike, especially on day 2.

kinabalu national park pre hike

That’s us all ready to go after getting things sorted at the entrance to Kinabalu National Park.

We boarded a mini bus where we met a German couple and the mini bus took us down to Timpohon Gate, which is where the business begins! From here we would start to climb Mount Kinabalu…which will come in Part 3 of course!

Arrival at Mount Kinabalu National Park:

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