Monday’s Money Saving Tips: $10 Steaks in Australia

cheap steak in australia

Monday’s Money Saving Tips – a $10 Steak in Australia!

I LOVE eating steaks, but yet I’m a budget traveller so I’ll be honest and say I normally go without them. But I miss them. Enter the land down under then and a national craze known as $10 steaks! If you have ever lived, visited or backpacked round Australia you will know about them. Bars, pubs, hotels all have these promotions on and the main one is a $10 Steak. Don’t pay any more than that for a steak! If it’s more just go to the next pub! Honestly – $10 steaks are very common in Australia.

Cronulla Beach Sydney

Got to love Australia – living the dream life back in 2009, while still budgeting and treating myself to the odd $10 Steak!

I was even luckier as when I started working in an Irish Pub in 2009, we could get the steaks for just $5 Australian Dollars. It’s not just a steak either – it comes with sauce and chips. So when you’re travelling in Australia be on the lookout for these $10 Steaks. I know it’s not your normal cheap ass backpacker option today, as you can buy it cheaper in a shop and cook it yourself, but if you LOVE a steak and you want one in a pub, then you can still do it on a budget.

And yes, I’ve backpacked round Asia and South America and spent less than $10 in total in a whole day before, but sometimes you got to treat yourself to that steak! Safe travels folks, I’m relaxing in Chongqing, China tonight!!

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