Dating Options in The UK During Lockdown

You might have read about my recent online dating experience with Date in a Dash. As a nomad, whackpacker and everyday tourist, I love to experiment in different types of dating. This has meant I have done face to face dating, speed dating, matchmaking, online dating, Tinder App dating, nudist dating and of course the very recent Online Speed Dating event I “attended” online. However, the world has changed a lot in the last few months, so our options have become even more limited…

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Dating Options in The UK During Lockdown

Well that all sounds good until you realise that freedom of movement is now very much restricted. We cannot just hop on a plane to Mozambique for a date with someone we just met. Social distancing, staying at home, isolation are the names of the game now. Meeting our dates face to face has been and gone, and so…we turn to online entertainment. However, did you know that in the UK this can still easily be done regionally, and even in my home country Northern Ireland and the remote islands of Scotland, Jersey and Sark, online options to feel good and hook up still exist. This is no time to STOP your sex life. In fact, it should really be the best time to delve deeper into your sex life, and experiment. As long as the town of you are clear of the latest Coronavirus, you can stay at home and pleasure each other to your heart’s content. Although, if you are single, like me – the first step is actually to connect with others. Here are a few ways you can do that, regionally of course.

1.Dating Options in Northern Ireland

Coming from Northern Ireland and as a strong nationalist, it is good to know that our capital city now has many online dating options. While nudist bars and dating in the dark restaurants don’t exist during lockdown, there is no harm in signing up for an online love site such as and start looking for love and of course some sex…

2.Online Dating Options in Jersey

If you followed my blog back in 2009, you might have read how I loved backpacking through the remote countries of Sark, Herm, Guernsey and Jersey!! I just loved those days. The people are very welcoming and friendly and I once enjoyed a kiss with a Latvian lady in a coastal bar just minutes before heading back on a ferry to England. For those on the biggest of these islands, Jersey, there is no shortage of online love sites to get the sex cells excited. You can start with a Jersey sex site, by getting to know the lady or man online first and then of course, when the bars re-open head to one of my own favourite bars in Jersey to do the date and put the willy action to the test.

The Peirson Pub in St. Helier Jersey

3.Online Dating Options in London

Finally, I had to include London of course. You might have read that in London, I did nude yoga a few years back, I did speed dating physically and I also did the recent online speed dating. All of thse options are good. But of course during the lockdown, online dating is your best option. Wear your best suit for the online date and see how it goes.

Remember, a baby boom is predicted nine months later, after the virus calms down. Let’s see how it all goes. Be sure to cover your willy with a condom if you don’t want to have a child just yet…

Themed condoms

Wear a condom

Good luck and stay safe and treat your new found partner with respect and love.

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