Dolphin Watching in Panglao, Philippines

Dolphin watching is a popular pastime and an easy one to enjoy. Just sit back, relax and view some dolphins jumping up out of the water. If you end up dolphin watching in Panglao in the Philippines, here’s a quick guide from my travels there.

Jonny and Panny dolphin watching in Philippines

On the boat heading dolphin watching in Panglao, Philippines

How to organise dolphin watching in Panglao

As with a lot of things, this doesn’t need to be booked in advance and is VERY easy to organise. You will be offered it from guys at night while you walk along Alona Beach, your hostel or hotel might also offer it, but you are best to book it on the day. Just get up around 5 am and head to Alona Beach in Panglao and ask around with the various guys on the beach. One of them will take you out – make sure to use your bargaining skills.

dolphin watching in panglao

View from my seat as we headed dolphin watching in Panglao, Philippines!

How much should it cost to go dolphin watching in Panglao?

As you can tell you will need to bargain the guys down for it – this is easier if you are in a group, as you can all get on one boat and barter the cost right down. On our boat there was myself, my girlfriend and one other guy. He paid slightly more for it as he was alone. This is common.

Jonny Blair on Alona Beach in the Philippines

On Alona Beach at 5am – head there to book your dolphin watching trip. Panglao Island, Philippines.

We paid 1,500 Pesos in the end, for 2 people. If you bargain it a bit better and don’t just take the first guy that offers you it, you could probably mangle it for 500 Pesos per head easily. Also DON’T tell them you want to do snorkelling at the start, as they will charge you more. Wait until you have done the dolphin watching first and they will take you to Balicasag Island for snorkelling – we also did this and you end up having to pay an entrance fee (50 Pesos) for the island and a further amount for the snorkelling anyway – so please just take my advice and only agree a payment for the dolphin watching and barter these guys down – they make enough money as it is.

Snorkelling in Balicasag, Philippines

Will you see dolphins?

It’s not guaranteed but we saw them, and everyone we spoke to also saw them so I’d say it’s a high chance you will see dolphins! You’re in the Philippines remember – a paradise! Our photos aren’t the best as we didn’t have high quality cameras with us, but you can see the dolphins at least!

dolphin watching in Panglao with Dont Stop Living

Dolphins off the coast of Panglao Island, Philippines

Other tips for dolphin watching in Panglao

– Fully charge your camera before hand.
– Hold your camera most of the time as otherwise you might miss the chance to photograph the dolphins.
– Take food and water.
– Don’t get ripped off.
– Take suncream, sunglasses and a tight cap (it can blow off).

That’s actually pretty much all you need to know. The trip will also include the snorkelling as mentioned, as well as a trip to a remote island nicknamed “Virgin Island” – it’s a tropical remote paradise worth checking out.

Here’s my videos:

5.30 am heading dolphin watching:

On Alona Beach before the dolphin watching:

Dolphin watching in Panglao in 4 parts:

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