Eloping: Do It, Have Fun, And Maybe Even Make Money

So you and your future spouse are in love, but there are some “Montague / Capulet” vibes you just can’t ignore between your diverse families. The father of your future wife has a grudge against your dad, and it stretches back to college for some reason.

Eloping: Do It, Have Fun, And Maybe Even Make Money

Both parties are opposed to a union, but you know you’ve found the love of your life, and you’re not going to take “no” for an answer. What do you do? You elope. Eloping is an extreme move, it may not even be the right one—but for some, this is the best possible thing you can do.

Only time will tell. One thing that will be relevant regardless of the end-game, though, will be cost reduction. Wedding budgeting will maximize your ceremony. Eloping will cut the cost of the matrimony ceremony by tens of thousands of dollars.

Doubling-Down On Resource Retention
You can even double-down on resource retention if you do a destination wedding in a country that has an economy that isn’t as big as that of your home country. For example, if you live in America, Thailand’s “baht” is worth 1/3rd of the American dollar. While across the board this doesn’t unilaterally translate to a 2/3rds reduction in total wedding cost, you will save money.

Hotels, dining, officiants, venues, wardrobe, entertainment, reception—all these things can be had extremely cheaply in places like Thailand. This means you can elope and still have a full ceremony, reception, and honeymoon. Now, granted, you’ve got to be in quite a situation to cut out your extended family from the ceremony. But it’s an option.

Crowd Share Possibilities
Something else that’s an option is the crowd-sourced component. You can use the crowd to fund your wedding and subsequent honeymoon. While there are all kinds of options to help you crowd-source your wedding ceremony and subsequent honeymoon, one of the most well-regarded today is called Honeyfund.

A crowd-share elopement in another country could save you so much money, you actually end up making a little bit. However, one thing to consider is that crowd-share funding for your wedding could let the cat of the bag on possible elopement. These things are time-sensitive, and they need to be visible online for a while before you get the results you need.

Still, especially if the parties opposed to your wedding aren’t especially tech-savvy, this could be a perfect option for you. And you don’t have to stop using the web once you’ve gotten your budget nugget for the ceremony, reception, and honeymoon.

Additionally, you can source your entire wardrobe from the web. If you’re looking for cost-effective dresses that exactly fit your needs, wherever you happen to elope, there are quite a few top-tier options that you can buy here.

Starting Your New Future Right
Now all these things being said, you don’t have to go so overboard during your elopement with your future spouse. Technically, marriage need not even involve your local government; it’s a covenant between your family and your future spouse’s family—between a husband and wife.

Such bonds exist regardless of legal mandate. However, registering for a marriage license can reduce tax burdens over time. So elopement for you and your future spouse could just be a jaunt to the courthouse, then a road trip wherever you please.

That said, if you’ve got the savvy, wherewithal, and imagination, you can also have an epic event that will be memorable throughout your lives, and possibly position you and your new spouse for personal character growth unimaginable otherwise.

Whatever the case, marriage is important, and sometimes it’s so important that eloping is better than allowing the fires of passion to subside into memory. If you’ve got to elope, then you should elope!

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