Exciting Things to Do While Backpacking in New Zealand

Kiwi Centre – Backpacking in Rotorua, New Zealand

Pristine natural landscapes, human-made landmarks, and adventure-filled epic destinations make New Zealand an attractive place for tourists. If you are planning to visit New Zealand, there are lots of things to do. From wildlife encounters to heart-thumping adventures to delicious food, this country will not disappoint you. Remember, foreigners need a New Zealand VISA so check the requirements of visa in your state. It will help you to escape legal complications and enjoy a wonderful trip. Here are some great things to see and do.

Swim with Dolphins

Meet the Dusky Dolphin at Kaikoura’s island town. You will get a chance to swim with this playful species. They are perfect acrobats busy in flips out of the blue water. To swim with dolphins, you have to jump into a pool.

Abel Tasman National Park

In the northwestern area of the South Island, you can visit Abel Tasman National Park. It is a famous place for hiking. Feel free to Kayak the blue waters and surrounding coves. It is a family-friendly place to swim with some dolphins.

The Bay of Islands

The beautiful inlet of islands region is accessible from Auckland within a drive of three hours. Key highlights of this region are secluded coves, marine life, island trails, and gorgeous rock formation. Some famous destinations include Russell and Paihia towns, Poor Knights Islands and Cape Brett.

Exciting Things to Do While Backpacking in New Zealand

Waiheke Island

Take a ferry ride from Auckland downtown to reach this famous island destination. Scenic shores of Waiheke look beautiful with lush forestry. You can visit remarkable vineyards and stunning beaches. Remember, you can do several things on this island during your one day trip.

Sky Tower

Sky Tower is a famous destination for adventure activities and fine dining. Sky tower is the highest monument in the beautiful Southern Hemisphere. This tower is renowned for astonishing views of the Hauraki Gulf.


If you want to discover geothermal treasures in New Zealand, you can visit this tapu. Rotorua can be the best place with volcanic lakes, mud pools, and beautiful spouting geysers. This place is famous for its colorful thermal waters and awe-inspiring natural beauty.

Lake Taupo

The mid of the North Isle has the largest lake in New Zealand. Lake Taupo is famous for its adventurous travelers and water sports enthusiasts. You can enjoy water-touch bungy jumping or sky diving. Make sure to visit Huka Falls to explore its wonders.

Sky diving in Lake Taupo, New Zealand in 2007

Hokitika Gorge

Hokitika Gorge in the South Island of West Coast is an underrated treat. You can enjoy a turquoise tinge of its waters. Explore the valley to marvel at a blend of glacial streams, plankton, and rock stilt.

Franz Josef Glacier

Glacier hiking should be on the top of your list. New Zealand is famous for its giant glaciers. If you want to move on the ice, Franz Josef is an excellent destination for you. Along with Franz Josef, you will also get a chance to explore the beauty of Fox Glacier. It is the fastest moving and longest glacier.

On the glacier hike on an icy cold day in Franz Josef in 2010


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