Enjoy Some Pure Michigan Scenery and Locales

Everybody is proud of the place they call home and have a list of things to share with the world, especially those who live in Michigan. The state plays home to several splendid sights such as the beautiful sceneries, fabulous food, majestic lakes and many such quirky locales. All these are hidden gems waiting to be discovered in Michigan.

Enjoy Some Pure Michigan Scenery and Locales

Enjoy Some Pure Michigan Scenery and Locales

The bear ranch in Newberry

The bear ranch in Newberry, Michigan by All Things Michigan

Get ready to ‘awww’ till you are exhausted because Oswald’s Bear Ranch is going to kill you with the cuteness it houses. It is quite a thrilling sight to see grown men standing next to full-grown bears, which would otherwise have killed the men in the wild with a swipe of their mighty paws. Instead, these big balls of fur prefer to snuggle right up to you, asking to be cuddled. Located in Newberry, the ranch of over 240 acres of woodlands houses dozens of orphaned and rescued bears and should definitely be on your Michigan trip planner. Walk up to them, cuddle them and get pictures taken with them.

Vermontville’s maple syrup festival

Vermontville’s maple syrup festival, Michigan by Bailiwick Studios

For many of Michigan’s rural locations, weekend festivals hosted locally is what small-town celebration of life is all about. During each of these local festivals, you can witness the town trumpeting its distinctiveness and showcasing its worth to the rest of Michigan. Mid-state Vermontville has its quintessential event called the Maple Syrup Festival, which definitely should be a must-do on your Michigan itinerary planner. The event boasts of arm-wresting competitions, Bovine bingo, pancake derby and many such exciting activities. Crowning of the Maple Syrup Queen marks the end of the festival, which is usually held at the end of April.

Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup

Canoe down the Pine River

Enjoy Some Pure Michigan Scenery and Locales

Enjoy Some Pure Michigan Scenery and Locales

Canoe down the Pine River, Michigan by bertknot

Located to the west of Cadillac, the Pine River is definitely a challenging adventure for adrenalin junkies. It is hard to find the obstacles you find here on any of the more popular waterways such as the Rifle or the Au Sable. Ensure your safety, as it is highly likely that you will tip over into the fast-flowing water.

Scrumptious food in the Upper Peninsula

Enjoy Some Pure Michigan Scenery and Locales

Enjoy Some Pure Michigan Scenery and Locales

Scrumptious food in the Upper Peninsula, Michigan by Monika Soltysik

Michigan is quite popular for the food it serves, especially in the Upper Peninsula area. The Trenary Toast deserves a special mention and should be on your list of things to do on your Michigan travel planner. It is a type of cinnamon toast baked in a town bearing the same name, and is sold in paper bags that will ensure the hard crusted toast will last at least for the next hundred years.

The hidden waterfalls in Upper Peninsula

The hidden waterfalls in Upper Peninsula, Michigan by Arvind Govindaraj

Most of the wonderful waterfalls usually don’t have written directions or signs, and can be found only with the help of a local directing you. One such example is of the magnificent Yellow Dog River and the falls at Big Pup Creek. It is quite hard to find them on Google and you will need to hike up to some of them but in the end, the effort is worth it as you bask in the soft spray of these flowing waters.

Take a selfie between two countries

The resident metro Detroiters in the south side of Belle Isle can do this often, what visitors can do only when they visit Michigan. Click a selfie while having an international border as your backdrop. You can see the Detroit River flowing in the background while you stand on middle ground between downtown Detroit and the shoreline of Windsor, Canada.


While visiting Michigan’s attractions don’t forget to stop at the Tunnel of Trees for a stunning view of fall foliage. Same as this sight, the state has numerous others that captures our imagination and leaves us feeling warm in our hearts.

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