Excellent Travel Insurance for Nomads With SafetyWing

As nomads and long term backpackers, the travel lifestyle is one of ups and downs. Not everything goes well and hence, we often fall into problems with health, medication, money or just dangers of life on the road. It is important to have a good travel insurance cover and for nomads who are unpredictable, it can be hard to find the right fit. Today, I’ll tell you all about SafetyWing!! The coolest new travel insurance option for nomads.
broken leg partying in england

The bad days…oops I broke my leg partying in Bournemouth, England.

On my own travels, I have broken my leg, broken my arm, lost $1000 US in Laos, had over 100 delayed flights and over 20 cancelled flights. I have also had my bags stolen by some horrible airlines. My travel lifestyle has been up and down and therefore travel insurance and having the correct cover is an essential part of the life.
Shit Airline Companies - Jetstar suck they are horrible

More flight problems

How Does SafetyWing Work?

SafetyWing works as a subscription (like Spotify), 37USD per 4 weeks can start and cancel any time. Thats it – so you can start by paying just $37 US, a bargain surely just to test it. If you even want to cancel after 4 weeks, then you can. However, it will also auto-renew to keep you covered on your backpacking journey. It is perfect insurance for Nomads and also for those who don’t know how long their trip will be – you can start off by taking the four weeks cover and take things from there.

SafetyWing travel insurance

What will you be covered for?

SafetyWing are very thorough in their coverage. You can see the full details of the coverage on their website, here. If you read that, it’s all very detailed and has laid down the laws and regulations as to what you are entitled to claim depending on the extent of the incident. This includes emergency travel benefits and claims.

SafetyWing travel insurance

You can also become an affilliate!

As well as getting insurance here yourself, you can also become an affiliate, this works not just for bloggers but also for friends, family and small businesses. If you bring a client and they keep the subscription (as most of the nomads we travel full time) then per client you earn $48 US Dollars, which would more than already cover your first month – seems like a great deal.

SafetyWing best travel insurance for nomads

They already have affiliates who are earning hundreds of dollars monthly “passively” because most of the clients keep their subscription (80%) for long-term.

So what are you waiting for?

If you were trying to organise insurance and weren’t sure then try SafetyWing today for a month for just $37 US Dollars. It’s basically a no risk cover option. Sometimes when getting visas, you need this insurance so it’s also useful to get quick insurance to ensure the visa. And don’t do anything silly!

Bournemouth days with my broken arm, April 2004

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