Fantastic Experiences When You Go Backpacking in Hong Kong

From cultures to serene beaches, museums, shopping, assorted flavors, and a lot more, many experiences in Hong Kong will leave you yearning for more. Hong Kong is a rich and vibrant city with many places to visit that you will be spoiled for choice.  Here is a list of experiences that will make you want to go back there.

Fantastic Experiences When You Go Backpacking in Hong Kong

Diverse cuisines

Hong Kong is best known as the Asian culinary city. You will find all kinds of culinary dishes from all over the world with the world’s best-renowned chefs. Ensure you sample the local Cantonese cuisine, dim sum, egg tarts, pineapple buns, stinky tofu, Cheung fun, wife cakes, to mention but a few.

From enjoyable and weird snacks to mouth-dropping treats, do not leave Hong Kong without tasting their legendary traditional food.

Moreover, western foods and all other world’s best signature dishes are available in Hong Kong. Whether you want Lebanese food, Turkey dishes, Indian delicacies, Japanese cooking, African dishes, and Chinese cuisines, enjoy such treats anywhere, anytime in Hong Kong.

The most exciting part of Hong Kong cuisines is their preparation with fresh ingredients. Hong Kongers pride themselves in the use of fresh herbs and ingredients, and with that, you can almost picture their pleasing and flavoury foods.

Eating cheese oysters in Tai O, Hong Kong.

A hybrid experience of the East meets West.

Hong Kong is a multicultural city with a blend of Chinese culture and western culture. There are many immigrants and tourists mixed up with Cantonese in Hong Kong that you will get to experience Chinese customs and western culture all at once.

The city was previously a British colony before its handover to China; therefore, the British culture is still prevalent with a good part of the population speaking perfect English.

You can visit a rooftop bar and enjoy a refreshing drink while viewing the city’s skyline or enjoy afternoon tea British style. You can also visit the Chinese-style temple, climb the Tian Tan Buddha steps or stop for lunch at the Po Lin Monastery, enjoy Christmas eve festival prayers at St. John Cathedral, and enjoy afternoon tea a British style, etc. Everything is there.

The culture of Hong Kong is a blend of different backgrounds that makes it easy for visitors who flow in continuously with Cathay Pacific to have great experiences. The mixed-up Cantonese, Mandarin, and English speakers make it convenient for travelers to move around. Many places have English names for international visitors to understand.

tai o

The Magnificent Tai O Fishing Village in Hong Kong.

You will shop till you drop.

Tsim Tsa Shui’s modern malls will leave you spoiled for choice. There are Asian arts, antiques, designer items like Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, tech accessories like computers and phones, jewelry, cameras, etc.

From high-end malls to traditional Chinese malls and second-hand thrift shops, nothing will stop you from buying anything you wish. All international brands have outlets in Hong Kong in addition to the city’s retail outlets.

Sales assistants all over the city are generous with discounts, and almost all shops offer warranties for their goods. Besides, you have the freedom to do defensive shopping by comparing prices in the various shopping malls.

From the splendid malls to the street markets and duty-free malls, trendsetters find Hong Kong to be the best shopping center for all types of products. In addition to this, you can get some goods at incredibly fair prices compared to their original production places.

hong kong island backpacker

Backpacking in Hong Kong on my first day after activating my Working Holiday Visa in 2011.

Hong Kong nightlife

Lan Kwai Fong and Soho is the party scene of Hong Kong Island with bars and clubs that are open till morning for fun lovers who don’t want the night to end. Wan Chai is full of rowdy crowds, while Kowloon has all sorts of chilled lounges on Knutsford Terrace. For local favorites, there is Tung Choi street.

Hong Kong has a series of rooftop bars that will enliven your spirit while viewing light-filled skyscrapers. Additionally, you can experience the symphony of lights view at Victoria Harbour night cruise.  Generally, there is everything for visitors to Hong Kong.

Most of the shops, restaurants, bars are open till late at night, so you can always rush out at your convenience. Do not miss the colorful nightlife of Hong Kong with the many places to eat, drink, and have fun.

delaneys tst hong kong

A night out with the staff and friends at Delaney’s in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.

Diverse festivals

Hong Kong has various festivals that run throughout the year, and with your visit there, you can’t miss experiencing such festivals.

For instance, during Christmas, the city is filled with Christmas decorations and lights with Christmas carols ringing. New years eve countdown events and fireworks take place at Victoria Harbor with crowds to celebrate the festive season.

Dragon Boat Festivals, Spring Festivals Arts festivals, Cheung Chau Bun Festival, Ghost Festival, Le French May festivals to mention, but a few are Hong Kong festivals you can enjoy in Hong Kong. Such lively celebrations will enliven your experience in Hong Kong.

lam tin hong kong

Hong Kong viewed from Lam Tin

Experience movie pilgrimage

If you are a lover of Hong Kong movies, visiting the city is an experience you can’t afford to miss. Temple Street, ChungKing Mansions, and Yau Ma Tei Fruit Market are some of the scenes in some of the movies.

The Police Museum will allow you to learn the history of Hong Kong Gangster and police movies and the weapons they use to make them.

Watch Hong Kong live sports.

Hong Kong will offer you an opportunity to watch international competitions in sports and join in the excitement. The International Dragon Boat Racing, Hong Kong Rugby Sevens, and Hong Kong Tennis Open are some great sports teams that yearly engage in international competitions.

There is also Hong Kong sports racing that happens at the Happy Valley Racecourse from September to July.

keeping up to date with football while you travel jonny blair

Hong Kong v North Korea

Outdoor hiking

In the countryside of Hong Kong, you can experience outdoor hiking in beautiful green spaces, so do not forget your hiking boots.

While at the peak of Shek Pik Country Trail, you will see breathtaking views of Lantau Island and the Dragon’s Back Hike. Maclehose Trail will provide you with an experience of seeing war tunnels and monkeys.

An eye feast at Victoria peak

The Victoria peak is a must-visit for every Hong Kong visitor. It is one of the highest peaks in the world where you will get to feast your eyes on the beautiful Hong Kong skyline, admire Victoria Harbor and Hong Kong downtime.

You will enjoy riding an antique tram to get there and experience the breathtaking views.

Going to the Peak

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