Five Ultimate Summer Party Destinations in Europe

As summer gets underway again, you will no doubt be wanting to head away for a party somewhere in the sun. With so many choices and so many cheap flights these days, you are spoilt for choice. If you want to limit your choices, here are five ultimate summer party destinations in Europe, including Ibiza of course! So you’re your clubbing gear on and head out for a major party this summer. Ibiza or Magaluf are calling!

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Five Ultimate Summer Party Destinations in Europe

1.Ibiza, SPAIN

For years and years, Ibiza has been the number one clubbing destination for 18-30 year olds and it seems, it reputation rarely vanishes from the dance scene. There are lots of flights in and out of Ibiza and no problems with accommodation. Drinks promotions and special club nights are also hard to miss when you get out there.

2.Malia, GREECE

Malia in Crete has been a big rival to Ibiza for years. This coastal resort is jam packed with bars, restaurants and night clubs. It attracts tourists from far and wide every summer. It was also the setting for the Inbetweeners Movie, a film about 4 guys going on a lads holiday so the resort is not short on reputation.

3.Faliraki, GREECE

Another popular Greek resort is Faliraki. This sits on the island of Rhodes, not far from the UNESCO World Heritage site in Rhodes Town itself. Faliraki has an awesome reputation down the years for both its beach and its nightclubs.

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Five Ultimate Summer Party Destinations in Europe

4.Magaluf, SPAIN

One of my first clubbing experiences was in the party town of Magaluf on the island of Majorca. Down the years, Magaluf has attracted top DJs from all over the world, and with the nightclubs so close to the beach, it really is a perfect place to party as well as chill out.


Varna is a more off the wall option but well worth indulging in. After Sofia, this is Bulgaria’s second biggest city. It’s a crazy port town right on the Black Sea and in the summer months becomes a hive of activity at nights. It really is a party central location and many that go, find they have left their hearts there.

Five Ultimate Summer Party Destinations in Europe

Five Ultimate Summer Party Destinations in Europe

So whether it is a crazy week in Ibiza that you seek or a break to Varna, be sure to bring enough sun cream, sunglasses, condoms and party hats to make the most of your holiday. Don’t forget to go easy on the booze too, as these towns also have a reputation for over indulgence.

Safe travels!

8 thoughts on “Five Ultimate Summer Party Destinations in Europe

  • For me Warsaw in Poland is a great place for partying! It is amazing, beatiful city with great places to go and party! My favourite one is definitely New Orleans. It is a night club, but very elegant and classy. They have a huge bar with many different alcohols and their dance shows are unforgettable. Dancers are talented and very sexy. Amazing place:)

  • I do agree with David on this one – Warsaw is for sure a place worth recommendation! It is modern and diverse city, so that everybody will be able to find something for themselves. And I also know this club, New Orleans. It is more exclusive than others, so it is perfect for “special occasions” – like a bachelor party or a birthday. And their dancers are in fact incredibly beautiful and skilled. I can honestly recommend it for for every man out there!

  • Tricity is great but it’s mostly because of the sea. The night life is not as good as in Warsaw (I have to mention the New Orleans club – the greatest time I’ve had in Poland, the most beautiful girls and… the best steak:)). But fortunately – Warsaw is only 3 hours from Tricity so you can do both! 🙂

  • Hi Bobby, thanks for your comment. Sadly, I haven’t really been updating the blog much or responding to comments as I have had some depression recently. But yes Warszawa and Trojmiasto are two of my favourite cities in the world, not just in Poland. Safe travels. Jonny

  • Night clubs are the best enjoyable place for office employees who are spend there whole day on office. Spend the night at a hottest dance club and enjoy the heart pulsing beats from DJs all over the globe favorites spots to play.

  • Hi Louie, thanks for the comment and apologies for the delayed response. I have been suffering from long term depression caused by liars. I am glad you enjoyed my post on partying. Stay safe. Jonny

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