Friday’s Featured Food: Facebook Ice Cream in Yerevan, Armenia

facebook ice cream

There it is – Facebook Ice Cream!!

Friday’s Feaured Food time on Don’t Stop Living. So you picture the scene. I’m walking nonchalantly through the streets of Yerevan, Armenia’s capital city. I’m on Northern Avenue. The sun’s beating down, it might be the last warm day of 2013. So I decided to have an ice cream. On arrival at a local ice cream parlour called Quella, I’m surprised to find they are selling Facebook flavour ice cream! Now I’ve worked in countless ice cream stalls down the years, but never have I heard of Facebook Ice Cream. So it begged to be tried. Or tagged. Or friended. Or uploaded.

facebook ice cream jonny blair

I’ll have a Facebook Ice Cream please!

What is Facebook Ice Cream?

It was blue and white in colour. It tastes like a bubble gum flavour ice cream I tried whenI was younger. It was my first ice cream in a long time so naturally I loved it. I bought it out of curiosity. I’m pretty sure Mark Zuckerberg’s barmy army has no idea of this product. It just shows how global the Facebook brand has become.

facebook ice cream

Walking through Yerevan eating Facebook Ice Cream!

How much does Facebook Ice Cream cost?

It was 500 Dram which is just under 1 Euro. Bargain.

facebook ice cream

Friday’s Featured Food: Facebook Ice Cream.

Some other ideas for random ice cream flavours:

You Tube Ice Cream: Needs to be uploaded into the cone in less than 2 minutes or you’ll get an error message. No duplicates allowed and certainly no nudity.

Twitter Ice Cream: Says all you need to know about ice cream in as little words as possible.

Google Ice Cream: Gives you thousands of options but you don’t like the way it’s filtered them and you end up going straight to the third flavour down.

Stumble Upon Ice Cream: You just press a button and they give you a random ice cream flavour.

Don’t Stop Living Ice Cream: A taste of all 7 continents served up by backpacker Jonny Blair. Comes with a flake for each continent you’ve been to and smarties depending on your country count.

You can keep up to date with my latest travels on my own Don’t Stop Living Facebook page.

That’s it for today – tasty travels and a video of the Facebook Ice Cream:

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