Friday’s Featured Food: Malaysian Curry on a Leaf at Batu Caves

Eating at Batu Caves

Friday’s Featured Food: Malaysian Curry at Batu Caves

Today’s Friday’s Featured Food comes from Malaysia. It wasn’t just the food that made me want to write this post today – it was the location too! I visited the Batu Caves in Malaysia in 2009 after a night train from Singapore, and checking into our hostel in Kuala Lumpur. Just before heading into the caves and doing the sightseeing, it was time for a mini feast. I didn’t realise it was going to be a meal I remembered and would be writing about 4 years later. In fact, it doesn’t seem like 4 years, seems longer…plus I’m not a food freak so I don’t even know if this meal was actually a curry, but to me it was! It was a Malaysian curry on a leaf!

Jonny Blair at Batu Caves in Malaysia

Enjoying my visit to the Batu Caves in Malaysia after devouring my Malaysian Curry

Batu Caves are worth seeing when you are staying in Kuala Lumpur – you can do it on a morning on the local buses from the China Town area which we did – my trip report is covered here: Batu Caves Malaysia. Indeed, a long time ago now…

But we found a local restaurant and when checking out the menu it was time for me to order what the waiter recommended, I tend to eat locally at least once when I’m in a new place and after ordering and relaxing, this “beast of a feast” arrived. I’m calling it Malaysian Curry on a leaf. That’s my name for it. The meal itself might in fact be Indian. But I ate it by the Batu Caves in Malaysia and it came on a leaf.

Amutha Restoran at Batu Caves Malaysia

Our Restaurant at Batu Caves was called Amutha Restoran.

What was in my “Malaysian Curry on a Leaf”?

The rough ingredients have to be:

– a leaf

– rice (standard in Malaysia)

– 2 poppadums

– curry leaf

– chicken

– coconut flavoured curry sauce

– selected vegetables

Malaysian leaf curry Batu Caves

Sipping tea to cushion the spicy blows of the excellent Malaysian Curry on a leaf at Batu Caves.

What did my Malaysian Curry on a Leaf taste like?

The Malaysians might not want to hear this but it didn’t taste that much different to fake curries I used to attempt to make as a student when I lived in England. It had the same sauce, meat, ingredients and side dishes! But that said, it was delicious and went down a treat in fact I couldn’t finish it!

Indian curry at Batu Caves

It’s well worth trying a spicy Malaysian curry on a leaf at Batu Caves!

Where can you buy this Malaysian Curry on a Leaf?

To be honest I haven’t travelled much round Malaysia (though I’m heading back there in two weeks!) so I can’t give a full overview but it’s widely available in restaurants in Kuala Lumpur (but you need to hunt around the local shops and stalls to see them). However to copy me and for the experience, I’d recommend trying it at Batu Caves for the following reasons:

1. After seeing the Caves and enjoying it, it’s a handy spot for lunch. (or before it for a late breakfast like I did)

2. It’s popular for tourists and locals who visit Batu (one of my travel buddies Chaz also had it on his trip there and devoured it).

3. You save time looking round for it – guaranteed the restaurants at the foot of the Batu Caves will have it.

In terms of finding restaurants at Batu Caves – they are all at the foot of the Caves entrance on the right. Fairly unmissable. We went to Amutha Restoran Restaurant. If you’re not making it to Batu, Kuala Lumpur is full of English speaking people in restaurants – just ask them for it if you want to try it.

Restaurants at Batu Caves

On the right hand side past the entrance to Batu Caves are a load of restaurants including the one where I ate the Malaysian Curry.

How much should you pay for the Malaysian Curry on a Leaf?

I always find Malaysia a cheap place to go, but this is quite a special meal and so you’ll pay around $4 US Dollars for it. Don’t forget you’re at a touristy zone. Still dirt cheap and worth a punt. Wash it down with a cup of iced tea and a beer. Everything is payable in cash and in Malaysian Ringitts.

Extra Tip

Either carry toilet roll or at least be ready for a toilet experience. This spicy curry works its way through your system fast, trust me!

One of my videos from Batu Caves, of a monkey stealing a drink:

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