Friday’s Featured Food: Pakhlava Dessert in Baku, Azerbaijan

pakhlava in baku sehrli tandir

Friday’s Featured Food – a top Azerbaijani dessert – Pakhlava, which I tried at Sehrli Tandir restaurant in Old Town, Baku, Azerbaijan.

Baku in Azerbaijan is full of surprises and as I backpack my way round some completely off the wall and not even on any beaten path places, I have also taken time out to try the local food. First up – a short post on Pakhlava, an Azerbaijani dessert. Well worth a try!

sehrli tandir restaurant baku

Sehrli Tandir – an Azerbaijani restaurant in Baku Old Town where I tried Pakhlava.

Where can you buy Pakhlava in Baku, Azerbaijan?

As Pakhlava is a national dessert in Azerbaijan it’s easy to find. We headed to a cool restaurant in Baku’s Old Town to try it. The restaurant above in the picture is called Sehrli Tandir.

What’s in Pakhlava and how does it taste?

The main taste I remember from the Pakhlava was of walnut and sweet syrup. These two are only some of Pakhlava’s many ingredients. I found an expert recipe on how to make it, on The Dilovery Cookery Book website for those wanting to try to make it themselves.

pakhlava jonny blair baku sehrli tandir

Friday’s Featured Food – a sideways shot of me enjoying Pakhlava (blame Apple for that!)

How much does Pakhlava cost?

Most resaurants will have it for around 1 Manat each (roughly 1 Euro) and this is for a small portion. Shop around local bakeries to secure a 3 for 2 deal and yu can get it much cheaper. We headed to the old town in Baku and I’ve since had it in a few other places.

It’s worth a try. Loving Azerbaijan!

9 thoughts on “Friday’s Featured Food: Pakhlava Dessert in Baku, Azerbaijan

  • Of course – Azerbaijan is a top country too – cant wait to get my laptop fixed and be able to upload photos and videos and write about it. Safe travels. Jonny

  • Haha Zofia!! So where is Pakhlava actually from? I’m looking forward to Armenia and Nagorno soon- do you have any tips for me or any time to meet up? Jonny

  • Zof, unfortunately, i saw your comment…wanna just say that we have a lot of common customes with Turkey, but there is something that differ our culture) Turkey has their special pakhlava, and our pakhlava is totally different from theirs) they even doing pakhlava in totally different way and their pakhlava looks absolutely different from ours! But theirs pakhlava is also delisious!! If you didn’t know it, please be my guest i will treat you with turkish pakhlava and ours)

    Jonny, i’m really happy that you liked Azerbaijan!) Hope you will visit Baku again! ))



  • Thanks for the comment Lala – yes I loved Azerbaijan and I tried lots of your local food there too. I also headed out to Quba and Sheki and spent a few nights in Xinaliq as well as touring the area near Baku (Qobustan, Lake Masazir etc.). You have a great country. Safe travels. Jonny

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