Friday’s Featured Food: Serradura/Macau Sawdust Pudding in Taipa, Macau

serradura macau

Loving my Serradura in Macau.

A completely delicious dessert or pudding to feature today on Friday’s Featured Food and the second week out of the last three that I’m doing a Macanese style food. This speciality is known as Serradura, obviously getting its name from the Portuguese. It’s an ice cream dessert with biscuits like a “crumble”, and it’s also sometimes nicknamed “Sawdust Pudding”. The other odd thing about this pudding is that it is VERY difficult to come by outside Macau. Honestly, I haven’t even seen in anywhere in Hong Kong. I’m probably wrong of course, so if you do know where else I can get it let myself and my readers know. This Macanese Pudding is absolutely scrumptious. You need to try it if you’re in Macau.

sawdust pudding macau

Tasty Serradura – sometimes referred to as “sawdust pudding” – a speciality in Macau.

Where can you buy Serradura?

Cafes and outdoor sweet/dessert stalls around Macau sell Serradura. It will probably not say Serradura on it or on any menu, nor will it say Macau Sawdust Pudding. Just look for others with it and ask for “one of those”. It will be written only in Chinese.

gelatina in taipa macau

The bakery we go to is in Taipa, called Gelatina Mok Yi Kei.

We always go to a takeaway bakery called “Gelatina Mok Yi Kei” in Taipa, Macau to buy it. I’d recommend this one, though you have to eat it outside in the street – there are no seats. It’s takeaway only.

jonny blair in macau

Serradura in Taipa, Macau. Delicious.

What is Serradura?

To me, it’s ice cream with crushed biscuit in it. It’s hard to describe the taste. Maybe a mix of vanilla and caramel. Here’s what really goes into it:

250ml Whipping cream
80g Marie biscuits (I used 100g)
50g Condensed milk
Vanilla essence (I used 2 tsp)

serradura in macau jonny blair

Loving my Serradura in Taipa in Macau.

How much does Serradura cost?

We paid 20 Macau Dollars for each one – and it’s a small portion and you’ll eat it fast. It’s addictive. You might find it cheaper downtown, but we stick to this bakery as we love it!

How do you make Serradura?

I must admit I don’t have a clue, but I found an online Hong Kong blogger called Wendy who does, check this out: how to make Serradura. (thanks to Wendy for the recipe and ingredients too).

A video of me trying and loving Serradura in Macau, Friday’s Featured Food:

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