‘Fuel Your Road Trip’ Initiative Launches in Iowa

Restrictions are easing throughout the United States as the nation starts to recover and rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic. Many states are fully open, with others very close to achieving that goal.

Iowa is one of the states that lifted restrictions fairly early. Now the state is working hard to encourage people to visit and spend their money within its borders.

One of the new initiatives to come out of Iowa is the ‘Fuel Your Road Trip’ campaign. The guide below explains this initiative and the other perks of traveling to Iowa in the summer and fall months.

‘Fuel Your Road Trip’ Initiative Launches in Iowa

‘Fuel Your Road Trip’ Initiative Launches in Iowa

Fuel Your Road Trip Initiative

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a slump in tourism in almost every part of the United States in the past 12 to 18 months. Iowa is not unique in experiencing a slowdown in their economy, as a result of fewer people coming in from out of the state.

One of the ways the government is attempting to correct the issue is through the use of its ‘Fuel Your Road Trip’ initiative. The plan involves the Iowa Tourism Office giving away $25 gift cards to anyone who plans a road trip using their ‘Build a Trip’ tool.

Prospective visitors can go onto the Traveliowa.com website and use the tool to claim their gift card. The process is very straightforward and does not take very long. The gift card will be applicable within the state, which gives you a further incentive to go ahead with your trip.

‘Fuel Your Road Trip’ Initiative Launches in Iowa

‘Fuel Your Road Trip’ Initiative Launches in Iowa

Gift Card Prize

Aside from giving away a modest gift card to everyone who wants to visit the state, Iowa is also giving away a $200 gift card to one lucky person each week, until August 31st. 

Everyone who receives a $25 gift card is automatically in the running to win the $200 gift card as well. As travelers plan their summer moves and consider Iowa as a possible destination, such a financial incentive may work in the state’s favor.

Iowa State Park Passport

One of the main reasons to visit Iowa is the state’s abundance of state parks and other natural habitats. If you are planning a road trip to see one or more of the Iowa state parks, you should sign up for the Iowa State Park Passport online.

The passport is the best way for you to earn discounts, rewards and other perks as you make your way throughout the state. Up to 1,000 people can win an Iowa State Park Passport shirt, while others win activity trackers, boating and camping accessories, and other perks.

Some grand prizes for the coming months include a camping tent, paddleboard, hammock, Yeti cooler and a $500 gift card to Bass Pro Shops.

If you are planning to hit most of the state parks in Iowa, you may want to plan your road trip accordingly. Try to visit the parks in the order you pass by them on the road, as that allows you to drive through the state with minimal delays.

Not only do you get to experience the wonders of nature, but the Iowa government is offering so many exciting prizes to summer travelers.

‘Fuel Your Road Trip’ Initiative Launches in Iowa

Backpacking in Iowa, USA

Tourism in Iowa

If you plan to spend most of your trip outdoors experiencing nature, you may want to take on some indoor fun. There are some wonderful casinos and Iowa Sport betting locations that you can visit.

The state is home to several casinos that are open throughout the year. Visit the websites of these casinos to assess whether they are the right fit with your interests and style.

Even if you cannot make it to a physical casino in Iowa, you can play online games while you are commuting during your road trip. When it is not your turn to drive, you can play a quick game of blackjack or poker.

Those who do wish to visit physical casinos should try to find one close to other night spots. Ensure your casino is close to a quality restaurant and bar, as you may wish to dine in style before you spend some of your savings at blackjack, poker, roulette or craps tables.

Enjoy The Hawkeye State

Anyone who is passing through the Hawkeye State must spend some time at a state park. Three of the most popular state parks in Iowa are the Dolliver Memorial State Park, Lake Darling State Park and the Backbone State Park.

These parks are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and casual summer tourists alike. Whether you are planning an intense, multi-hour hike or wish to spend a few days camping, you can pick between some of the best state parks in the nation.

Iowa is the perfect place to bring the entire family, as there is plenty for everyone to do. Even if you have children, they can have plenty of fun jet skiing or paddle boating at a state park.

Make the Most of Your Iowa Trip

The state of Iowa is open for business following the lifting of nearly every COVID-19 restriction. If you travel to the state, you are set to experience American life in an authentic and pleasurable way.

Follow all the necessary steps to claim your ‘Fuel Your Road Trip’ and Iowa State Park Passport prizes. Not only do you get to experience the natural beauty and charm of Iowa, but you are in line to win valuable prizes and gift cards as well.

Even if you plan a solitary road trip for summer 2021, an adventure to Iowa should be high on your list.


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