Travelling By Private Jet? Here’s What You Should Know

Five Facts To Know About Traveling By Private Jet

The experience of flying by private jet is one that each person should experience at least one time in their lives.

Whether you are heading to a wedding with family, visiting a new city with a group of friends, or attending a last minute conference with your boss, you may be travelling by private jet in the coming hours or days. This can easily be sorted. As well as the usual likes of AirAsia, RyanAir, Wizzair etc, local sites like Jettly can help organise a private jet.

Below are five facts you should know about flying on a private plane, compared to travelling commercially.

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Travelling By Private Jet? Here’s What You Should Know

Choosing the Ideal Airport

A significant advantage of flying by private jet is not having to go through the rush at security and the boarding terminals when flying commercial. When you are taking a private flight, you have the chance to avoid that chaos and enjoy a smooth and timely trip.

Ensure you are picking the correct airport for your flight, as you do not want to end up with your flight delayed by a few hours. If you are flying during a busy season, and it is a local flight, you may want to choose a smaller airport in or around your city.

London is an excellent example, as Heathrow Airport can be very hectic during certain times of the year. Trying to fly by private jet from Heathrow is not a clever idea, especially when there are a few smaller airports within driving distance of central London.

Choosing the correct airport

Be Attentive When Booking

If you are making a private jet booking for the first time, pay attention to all the relevant details in the booking document, as the fine print can contain a lot of details about amenities, added costs and responsibilities. 

Perhaps you require Wi-Fi on your flight, so you can remain connected to your work. Such information should be present in the booking document. Get confirmation from the private jet company before you book.

The capacity of the plane is another important factor to consider. If you are travelling with a larger group, do not assume everyone can squeeze onto the plane. The pilot may have to turn down some passengers if you go over the capacity limit, so know about that before you book your private jet.

Arrive On Time

A major difference between flying a private jet and commercially is that you do not need to arrive two or three hours before the departure time. You are not going to spend hours going through security or waiting for the plane to arrive at your gate, so you can board. 

Do ensure that everyone in your party is there on time, as the pilot will not be happy about waiting for people to arrive before he can get the plane off the ground. You may be charged additional airport fees if your plane does not take off from its position on the tarmac at the allotted time.

If you live a significant distance away from the airport, you may want to book a private car to drive you on time. Make the booking one or two days in advance, mention the time as 10 minutes before you plan to leave the house, and try to be out the door on time.

Flying With Pets Requires Paperwork

Spending ten minutes on social media sites like Instagram often reveals pictures of celebrities and influencers flying on private jets with their pets. You may assume that taking your dog or cat on an aeroplane is a casual occurrence that does not require any prior planning. 

Anyone hoping to fly with a pet must receive prior approval from the private jet company. You must complete the relevant paperwork before boarding, otherwise your pet may not be allowed on the flight. That applies to both domestic and international travel.

Make Meal Requests In Advance

Flying by private jet means that you are expecting a luxurious and personalized experience during the entire journey. Travellers typically want plenty of refreshments, snacks and food available on the plane, so everyone is comfortable. That is especially true for flights that are longer than one or two hours.

If there is anyone in your group who has a specific dietary request, you must inform the private jet company at least one or two days in advance. Expecting an entirely vegan meal two hours before you take off is unrealistic and is likely to go unfulfilled.

A bit of planning can go a long way in this respect. By writing up a list of any meal request and other amenities a couple of days before your flight, you can make a timely request to the private jet company. The best operations will do everything to comply with your request and ensure you have a wonderful experience flying by private jet.

Enjoy the Moment

Flying is often stressful, whether you are going via a commercial plane or private jet. By planning every element of the trip in advance, you can have a calm and serene experience during your upcoming flight.

The experience of sitting in a private jet is one that everyone should get to enjoy one or two times in their life. If the opportunity is presenting itself to you, the tips above will help you complete the booking and enjoy your trip.

So long as you make the booking in advance, inform the company of any demands, and book through a reputable private jet company or agency, you should have a seamless experience when flying on a private plane in the United Kingdom or other parts of Europe.

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