Hiking in Sapa, Vietnam: Day 2 – Ta Van to Giangtachai Village

jonny blair hiking in sapa vietnam

My oh my what a beautiful world – view on day 2 of the Sapa hike in Vietnam.

Following on from the first day of the hike near Sapa in northern Vietnam, it’s time to conclude it with a part 2. We left it last time having just gone to bed in my homestay in the lower mountain village of Ta Van. In the middle of some incredible valleys and mountains, yes hiking in Sapa is a feast for your wandering eyes.

homestay in ta van vietnam

Outside my homestay in Ta Van, Vietnam.

On day 2 we went from Ta Van to Giangtachai Village. It was a half day hike actually and once we arrived at that village it was time for lunch, a beer and a bus back to the actual town of Sapa. Here’s an overview of the entire day.

ta van homestay in sapa

Breakfast in Ta Van at my homestay with hosts Joe and Ken.

We left the hostel early morning after a fantastic breakfast, I said goodbye to my homestay hosts Joe and Ken and we first walked up to a church, easy and short upward ascent.

protestant church in vietnam

A Protestant Church in the valleys of Vietnam on day 2 of the Sapa hike.

I initially thought it was a Catholic church but was intrigued when my Italian travel buddy Andrea told me it was actually a Protestant church so as a Northern Irish Presbyterian I grabbed an unusual photo opportunity. It’s not often I see a Protestant Church in the middle of such immense scenery.

church in ta van vietnam

Outside the Protestant Church near Ta Van, Vietnam.

The weather was hot and we veered down the valleys in epic sunshine. It was a relatively easy walk I must admit, nothing taxing and we took it really slow. We weren’t followed by any tribes on day 2 as we had been on day 1.

hiking in sapa

Part of the downward section of the hike on day 2.

Despite being a completely different terrain, another continent and contrasting weather, the countryside reminded me of that on the Inca Trail in Peru.

loving the sapa hike

The river and a corner on day 2 of the Sapa hike.

There were cows on route and the next highlight was stopping at a waterfall. Neither my guide book, out guide Giang or anybody around could tell me the name of the actual waterfall which was a first, so if you know it leave a comment. We will call it the Giang Ta Chai Village Waterfall, although it was on the other side of the river, but it was beautiful.

waterfall while hiking in sapa

A bridge near the waterfall.

The waterfall had a small pool at the top and we all went in for a dip, it was so clear and clean.

waterfall near sapa and ta van vietnam

The marvellous waterfall near the end of the day 2 hike.

It was exactly what everyone needed. I’d estimate the time we got there to be between 11am and 12 noon, and we stayed for a while enjoying it as we knew the next village up would be our final stop.

jonny blair northern ireland flag in vietnam

Flying the Northern Ireland flag at a waterfall near Giangtachai village in Vietnam.

I had my travelling Northern Ireland flag with me and it got an airing there, if you have followed my adventures on here you will have seen this flag before on numerous posts, from now on I’ll be putting them on their own website Travelling Northern Ireland Flag. If you know me well, you will know that this is one of the personal things I travel with. It’s nothing political – I’m just flying the flag that to me represents the country I come from. That’s all!

hiking in sapa at a waterfall

Ready for a dip in the natural pool in the waterfall. Another highlight of the Sapa hike.

So we got in and had a swim before continuing the hike across a bridge savouring the last views of this picturesque region.

hiking in sapa vietnam giangtachai village

Crossing the bridge on the last part of the hike to Giangtachai Village near Sapa, Vietnam.

The next part of the hike was all upward and we chatted to a few local kids on the way before reaching our base – or the end point of the hike at Giang Ta Chai Village.

la cai beer vietnam

Noodles, egg and a Lao Cai beer on finishing the hike at Giangtachai Village, Vietnam.

A massive pot of noodles with egg was put in front of each of us and myself and the lads cracked open a beer – the local Bia Lao Cai stuff.

travel buddies in vietnam

Happiness with my hiking buddies at Giang Ta Chai Village in Vietnam! A great bunch of people!

It was a fantastic end to a great two days of hiking – and best of all it wasn’t tiring. The sort of hikes I hope I can still do when I’m 50! I want to personally thank all my travel buddies on this hike – they were just amazing people. Andrea from Italy described me as a “modern traveller” when I told him all about my note taking and my blog. I think he was right. I’m just about to head back to China tomorrow and blog and notebook will of course be part of my journey!

bus in vietnam sapa

The bus back to Sapa from Giang Ta Chai in Vietnam

I won’t do a timeline for Day 2 like I did for day 1 as I’ve basically described it all there, it was a 4 hour hike maximum I’d say on Day 2. If you’re ever in Sapa, or even Hanoi in Vietnam, I thoroughly recommend hiking in Sapa. A tip off to my travel buddy Chaz too for recommending the hike to me in the first place. After lunch we got a bus back to Sapa – I was wedged in the front seat between the guide and the driver – a bumpy ride!

My fantastic travel buddies for hiking in Sapa – Singh, Chiara and Daniele, Stefanie, Laura and Andrea. (Honestly great, great people – hope to see them again someday)

Our guide – Giang

The Route – Sapa to Ta Van on Day 1, then onwards to Giang Ta Chai Village on Day 2.

The Company I used – Green Mango Travel (based in Hanoi – can’t link as they don’t seem to have a website)

My Videos from Hiking in Sapa:
Morning at our homestay in Ta Van, Vietnam:

The Protestant Church:

Waterfall Part 1:

Waterfall Part 2:

Crossing A Bridge:

Bus back to Sapa from Giang Ta Chai Village:

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