Hobart Accommodation: Experiencing Your Dream Destinations

What does it mean when we say destination? As we all know, it is a place that we want to visit or maybe even stay longer in. Now, how can a place be one’s dream destination?

Each of us has dreams we want to come true. As for destinations, there are places that will just take your breath away, some place that fills up your heart and would make you stay for more or make you want to come back often. Now, how can Hobart be one of those dream destinations?

Hobart Accommodation: Experiencing Your Dream Destinations

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Hobart is the capital city of Tasmania, Australia. According to statistics, there are over 1.9 million travelers and tourists who visited Hobart and Southern Tasmania from July 2018 up to June 2019 (check this out). Out of the total number mentioned above, 263,000 are international visitors, and 1,700,000 are domestic visitors.

Dream Destinations In Hobart

Why is there a huge number of visitors in Hobart every year? This is because of the beautiful places that you may visit. Below are just some!

Beaches, Caves, And Cliffs

One of the favorite places for locals to unwind and take instagramable pictures is Storm Bay which is located at the mouth of Derwent River, a river in Hobart. Just 20km away from the city, you can enjoy the relaxing beach vibes and go paddling and kayaking. There are also different sceneries you can enjoy, like cliffs that are lichen-covered and tranquil bays. You may also enjoy playing on their sandy beaches.

Mountain Park – Mt Wellington

If you are into mountains, Hobart takes pride in its Mt Wellington, which is an amusingly placed mountain where you can see other mountains and rivers all around it if you are at its peak. You can go cycling in the mountains or go for a hike to Mt Wellington park without paying an entrance fee.

Driving up the mountain park is also an option only for experienced drivers since the road is very challenging. The park is open every day, 24 hours but closes in some instances, like when there is extreme, severe, or catastrophic fire danger in many parts of the park or areas near it.

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MONA – Museum Of Old And New Art

If you are into arts and love visiting museums, this is the place for you. MONA was opened in 2011. You can see here rich cultural artifacts. Also, this is not your usual museum experience.

The management made sure that all visitors will not just be made aware of the city’s rich history and culture but also have fun and have the most unique and exemplary experience. There are rooms inside rooms, tunnels, and other things that would keep the tourists amazed the whole time of visit.

Food Tourism

Aside from beautiful places, tourists also look forward to the local eats served by different cities, especially specialty cuisines and gourmet delicacies! Hobart offers a variety of quality food choices that you can experience.

For instance, you can have a boat ride in Bull Bay on Bruny Island and have a fresh seafood lunch. Skilled divers are diving to catch fresh sea urchins and periwinkles during your boat ride and prepare the fresh catch for your lunch. Other fresh seafood you may have are lobsters, oysters, Tasmanian abalone, mussels, and Atlantic salmon.

Yum! Spicy oysters in Da Lang, China.

Hobart Accommodations

After discussing some of the dream destinations in Hobart, you may now start planning your trip to go there. The ideal vacation time frame would be at least five days. This means you have to check on your accommodation choices.

Before we discuss your accommodation options, take note that the place where you will be staying is also a part of your vacation. So you may set aside your thinking of “I can just stay in any place. I will be outdoors most of the time anyway”. This is because you have to also enjoy your sleep and stay before and after the outdoor trip to maintain the mood. Imagine enjoying the beautiful scenery the whole day and go back to an uncomfortable place-it might ruin the whole day’s fun!

There are approximately 361 properties that you may choose to stay in Hobart. Here are some of your options to accommodate you during your vacation:


There are a lot of hotel choices in Hobart like Wrest Point, Hotel Grand Chancellor, and Hadley’s Orient Hotel. Wrest point, for example, is located near the center of the city, as you will see here https://wrestpoint.com.au/accommodation-wrest-point and has a luxury viewing deck. They are also well-known for their boutique casino and other forms of live entertainment such as live football.

World Cup at Wrest Point Hobart

Approximate prices of different hotels can go from $30 to $250, depending on the experience! Rates always depend on the facilities, amenities, and services provided by the hotel. Rates also differ depending on your selected dates of travel. For instance, it’s always more expensive to visit during summertime or holiday season since that is when tourism is at an all-year high!


While hotels are big buildings with a lot of rooms and amenities, inns are smaller buildings with fewer rooms and fewer food and service offerings. If you prefer to stay in inns than hotels, the following are some options with their approximate rates:

(Rates in AUD)

  • Villa Howden – $146/night
  • Mornington Inn – $58/night
  • Tasmanian Inn – $45/night


Motels provide the same services as a hotel but just not luxurious. Motels are usually for non-long-staying guests. Following are your options for motels with their approximate rates:

(Rates in AUD)

  • Motel 427 – $ 76/night
  • Battery Point Manor –  $ 74/night
  • The Argyle – $ 66/night
  • New Norfolk Junction Motel – $61/night
  • Hobart Tower Motel – $41/night

Other than hotels, inns, and motels, there are also hostels and bed & breakfast available to accommodate you. You may check the website of each establishment mentioned above for you to get more details about them so you can fully decide. Enjoy your vacation!

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