The Backpacker’s Dream: Living Life to the Fullest

Getting more out of life includes a healthy existence and sound finances. The good news is you can promote better health and improve your financial status. Below are a few tips to achieve success.

The Backpacker’s Dream: Living Life to the Fullest

Lose the Weight

Unfortunately, even 10 extra pounds of weight on your body can cause a decline in energy and affect your overall health. Thankfully, you don’t have to fast to gain positive results. A poor diet containing processed foods and excessive amounts of salt and sugar can cause you to pack on the pounds. Instead, eat healthy foods like lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and fish, high in omega-3. As people grow older, many experience a decline in bacteria produced in the gut. Yogurt and high-fiber foods will help to restore its health. 

A Lean Body Performs Better

When you were a teenager, you looked in the mirror and admired the image before you. Today, however, you see pockets of fat. Your body needs physical exercise to remain lean and strong. Combine a regular regime of exercise and supplements to experience peak athletic performance levels to look and feel good. An intense workout that gets the blood flowing and speeds up the heart rate will burn calories and transform fat into solid muscle mass. 

Get Enough Rest

Burning the candle at both ends will leave you tired and unfocused throughout the day. This will have a negative impact on your job and your quality of life. Get into a nightly routine that promotes rest. Avoid eating anything heavy or sugary at least two hours prior to bed. Many people also turn off their electronics to clear their minds and sleep in complete darkness with a fan to isolate them from outside noise. If you have a light outside your window, put up blackout curtains. 

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The Backpacker’s Dream: Living Life to the Fullest

Eliminate Bad Habits

Bad habits such as excessive drinking and smoking can put you at risk not only for addiction but also a serious illness. They can also make you appear older because of dark circles and premature fine lines and wrinkles. Attempt to quit these habits sooner versus later. If you cannot do it alone, seek outside help. 

Find Ways to De-Stress

Many people live hectic lives. They’re on the go from the moment they step out of bed and until they retire for the evening. Unfortunately, too much stress can cause you serious harm both mentally and health-wise. The good news is there are a variety of ways to reduce stress. Take a time out and go for a brisk walk to clear your head. Take time off and do the things you love like traveling to new places around the world. Grab your backpack and experience life firsthand.  

The Backpacker’s Dream: Living Life to the Fullest

Gain Control of Your Money

Approximately two-thirds of working Americans have difficulty with their finances. As a result, they live paycheck-to-paycheck. This is not only stressful, but it also puts you at risk for financial ruin. Creating a budget will allow you to gain control of your money. You’ll know exactly what you need to pay monthly expenses and discover ways to pay less. If you have excessive amounts of debt, set realistic goals to pay it off. 

Open Savings Accounts

Having money set aside for things like extended vacations, college, a down payment on a home and your retirement will promote a good quality of life now and in the future. It will prevent you from borrowing money from your checking account, already allocated for bills, to cover an unexpected expense. Learning to save money also makes it easier to purchase things you otherwise cannot afford, eliminating the need for accumulating thousands in credit card debt. 

Getting more out of life is possible if you promote a healthy existence and gain control of your money. You’ll feel good and be able to continue enjoying your free-spirited trips to places like South Africa and Northern Ireland with your trusty backpack in tow. 

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