How to Find Love Online

Through all the years I was backpacking, working and writing, my dates were always raw and real. Genuine real people who I bumped into in real life. I’m talking about these dates, loves, flings and partners down the years but in this post today I will contrast those offline dates to the possibility of online dating, which has become so popular the last few years with sites such as

Emma, Bournemouth
I met Emma in Bournemouth in the Litten Tree Pub in 2004 and we dated for around a month or so, which including once having sex upstairs at a party in my friend’s bed. True story.

Lauren, Bournemouth
I met the lovely Lauren in Jumpin Jaks nightclub in Bournemouth in 2004 and we had about 4 months together. We went to the pub, to cinema, to gigs etc. She was a great girlfriend but we split early. She once gave me a willy suck in a park in Poole.

With my girlfriend Lauren and my two awards for radio in 2005.

Fee, Bournemouth
Yes Fee was her name and we met in 2006 and dated for a while. We enjoyed good food and some fanny willy action but split up quite soon. In fact of all those on the list, she is probably the one I kept friends with the most and am still in touch today. She’s married now…

Maria, Hungary
Hungarian dancer Maria was my first true love when we worked together in theatre in 2008. We dated and shagged on and off for around 6 months, I was madly in love. We backpacked Hungary, Italy and London together before I left Bournemouth, and the pretty Maria long and far behind.

Panny, Hong Kong
My longest ever relationship and one which may never be beaten for time, love nor backpacking potential. Panny and I toured a whopping 44 real countries together, visited all 7 continents together and loved our adventures for around 5 years. We separated in 2015, after which I never found that love again.

Panny and I meet Mr. Pat Tayto himself.

Natasha, Kazakhstan
Teasing seductress Natasha makes the list with some aplomb. She teased her way into my life from a bunk bed in Kazakhstan in 2015 until she finally realised I had succumbed into depression. I’ll never forget her, but I wish I could. I enjoyed my time in her country.

Monika, Poland
Monika has been my best romance since Panny in 2015 but it also came to an end. After that, I had a few dates but none were long term.

Monika and I in 2016

But Can you Find Love Online?

So all those girls were real life flings, I met them when out and about but what about online dating? I used to hate the idea of online dating as it seemed so fake but over the years I have realised that maybe it isn’t so bad and maybe I’d be up for it. Here are some ways to do it and I’m now trying it!!

Download the app and click like or super like on the girl or boy you like. If you match, you can message them and meet them. You can put your photos and Instagram on here, so it’s a great way to connect. Find Tinder here.


Have you been looking for a way to expand your love life? Flingster instantly connects you with people of all genders, letting you enjoy unlimited adult dating and sex chats. Your identity is even protected using virtual masks, which Flingster provides for you to use during video chats.

You have all the flexibility you need to customize your experience. Start chatting without registering, or make an account so you can use added chat features. Not ready for video chats? Use just your mic or the text chat feature instead.

Flingster doesn’t just offer chats with people from all different countries; they let you filter by location, so you can find the people you’re most interested in. You can also filter by gender, so you can narrow down your search efforts right from the beginning. With all the features that Flingster offers, it’s both safe and fun to have adult chats with people from all over the world.

Sympatia is a superb Polish online dating site which I signed up for once I had relocated to Poland. I have never met anyone from it yet, but know knows. This actually also helps me learn and improve my Polish as it is written in Polish.


We Love Dates
There is a great free dating site called We Love Dates. On here, you can expect to sign up, fill in an interesting profile and wait for the matches to come. Naughty dates, dinner dates and anything you might be up for. Sites like this are up and coming and look to be the future of online dating, especially for shy people. I’ve never been as shy as some, but I am willing to give online dating a try. Maybe I will be back online in a few months without depression, with the apology I craved and a new love. Who knows what the future might hold.

We Love Dates