Travel Destinations Found on Pinterest

Pinterest is a pretty and interesting place, a virtual pin board where you can curate anything from outfit inspo to DIY home techniques, but Pinterest has now taken it one step further with the perfect travel destinations ripe for your picking and ‘pinning’ at your leisurely pleasure. Yes, you can now virtually travel; at your desk or at home to the best places the world has to offer. No matter how big your bank account, how much leave you have accumulated, or what time of the year is best you can visit famous landmarks, destinations and iconic buildings from all around the world.

Travel Destinations Found on Pinterest


France is the land of croissants, champagne and fashion – married with the beauty of both the people who live there and the dazzling ancient landscapes and monuments that surround it. France is a must see and should be on the top of everyone’s travel bucket list. Few people can say they haven’t dreamed of sipping delicious smelling coffee and nibbling on sweet pastries while people watching on old cobbled streets, where stars and fashionistas alike have – before you – made their mark. Or sampling different champagne while begrudging having a cigarette on your local cafe corner because well it wouldn’t be very Parisian of you not to. Not always known for their warmth and welcome France has more to offer than its sublime delicacies, romance, luxury, and desire. It also provides a variety of sun, sea, and mountain virtually having it all, it’s the central hub of art and culture and entices people of all ages and walks of life to fall rapidly in love with beauty and difference – forever in awe of all things French.

Never mind the famous tourist attractions like the louvre the Eiffel tower France is a curation of hidden gems, unique restaurants and eclectic boutiques and stalls all waiting to be discovered. The best part of France is that no one trip is the same, each one a new and fulfilling experience,

Where to Go: Merci in Marais, Lemaire in Marais, Cristaseya in the 9th, Piscine Molitor, Hotel Costes & Les Puces de Saint- Ouen.

Where to Stay: Adele & Jules in 9th, Hotel de Jobo in the Marais, Amastan Paris near Champs Elysees.

When to Go: April to June in the spring is wonderful or September to November for fall is also beautiful.

Television Must See: Amelie by Jean-Pierre Jeunet & Blue is the Warmest Colour by Abdellatif Kechiche


Africa is a mixed bag of experiences offering almost everything you could want from a destination, freedom, tradition, culture, beauty and the exotic primordial wonders of the wild. Deeply enriching, an African holiday is a once in a lifetime experience, one full of adventure, luxury, and reflection. Get in touch with your roots under the backdrop of the setting African sky and feel the magic mother nature has to offer in all her untouched beauty. A melting pot of cultures that ooze eclectic, electric and eccentric vibrations to each visitor, stamping them with a lasting appreciation for the smallest most organic things life has to offer. Explore; remarkably undiscovered islands, have a love affair with the ocean drinking in its intoxicating tranquility, discover the thrill and adrenaline of a wildlife safari like no other – share in the intimacy of their lives or delve into the mix of tradition and flavors in the hustling bustling African city. All under a backdrop that is unrivaled in its beauty. A breathtaking experience that will leave an imprint on you for years to come –  no experience will ever feel more raw, real or more wonderful than one you have in Africa.

Travel Destinations Found on Pinterest

Where to Go: Chloe Bay Tanzania, Table Mountain, South Africa, Okavango Delta, Botswana, Mara River, Kwazulu Natal, Senegal Pink Lake.

Where to Stay: Chiefs Camp in the Mombo Concession of the Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana, The Manta Resort Tanzania, South Africa Mount Nelson

When to Go: Lucky you Africa is beautiful all year round.

Television Must See: Out of Africa by Sydney Pollack, District 9 by Neill Blomkamp


India is one of the most powerful present places in the world – our hot spot-heart chakra of the world. India is more than just an experience is it a long-lasting, impactful destination that is rich in culture, color, history, and tradition. A destination that will surpass all senses as it’s not just something you can see, hear and touch but something you can feel. India packs a bunch that no television could. A sprinkle of magic that’s both breathtaking and romantic, a place that oozes intimacy and mystery and chaos – where you will leave you wanting more. Home to the Taj Mahal the world’s most iconic symbol of love India is a must see. Feel the fabric of what makes India so great through Pinterest’s perfect creation of what it feels like to walk through it’s buzzling streets and fragrance shops… go on take a gander…it will inspire you to take up travelling physically opposed to virtually.

Travel Destinations Found on Pinterest

Where to Go: Palolem beach in Goa, Taj Mahal in Agra, Camel Safari Bikaner, Flower Ceremony Varanasi, Pink Palace Jaipur.

Where to Stay: Hotel Bhairon Vilas in Bikaner, Ciarans in Palolem Goa, Taj Nadesar Palace in Varanasi.

When to Go: Between November & March as you’ll miss monsoon season and get to experience the famous festivals of Diwali & Holi One.

Television Must-See: The Darjeeling Unlimited by Wes Anderson & Viceroy’s House by Gurinder Chadha.


German is rich in soul stirring scenery, and a complexed history where the past is present wherever you go, speckled with museums, memorials and remnants of the past and home to iconic heavy weights such as the Grimm Brothers, Albert Einstein and Hitler. Walk along the remnants of the Berlin wall, sleep in a medieval castle and visit the history and heartbreaking concentration camps of the Nazi regime – be inspired and moved by the way in which Germany affected the world and the world affected Germany. Aside from its deeply enriching historic value Germany also offers things that are quite the is quite the opposite like Oktoberfest in which make all their beer guzzling, sausage eating, strudel biting, pestle holding dreams  of people all over the world come true – at the world’s largest folk festival. Not only is this a must have experience for travelers to immerse himself in the German culture, but it is a chance to connect and learn about the Saxon heritage. Germany is beautiful, and Pinterest can help transport you there through its beautifully curated pictures that translate all the atmosphere Germany can muster – which by the way is a lot.

Travel Destinations Found on Pinterest

Where to Go: Frankfurt, Berlin, Kölner Dom and Neuschwanstein, Nudist Park in Munich.

Where to Stay: East Seven Berlin Hostel, Opera Hostel in Erfurt, Hip Hotel Heidelberg, Hotel Villa Monte Vino in Potsdam

When to Go: September and early October are some of the best times to visit Germany, especially when the warm summer days extend into fall known as Altweibersommer (Indian summer).

Television Must-See: The lives of others by Florian Henckel Von Donnersmarck and A coffee in Berlin by Jan- Ole Gerster

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