How to Make Foreign Travel Your Lifestyle

Most people are content with a couple of weeks’ vacation every year, but this isn’t enough to you. You want to see the world. Unfortunately, you also need to do things like eat and keep a roof over your head, and maybe you even want to have a family someday. This can make a goal of traveling extensively before you retire seem like a distant dream. However, a career that is all about travel can change that, and the tips below can help you map out this career.

Summiting Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia, Borneo, 2013

How to Make Foreign Travel Your Lifestyle

Consider Your Aims

First, ask yourself some questions about what kind of lifestyle you want and how to get it. Do you want the chance to travel a lot for work, or do you want to live and work abroad? Is there a specific profession that interests you? There are many opportunities for nurses in many countries and for certified teachers in international schools. Alternately, you may want to start a business that you can run from anywhere in the world, or maybe there’s a particular country that you love that you’d like to get a job in.

Other possibilities are working for an airline or a cruise ship. You could also work for the U.S. Foreign Service, which would involve rotating through assignments in embassies all over the world. Like most things in life, your decision is not set in stone. Maybe you’ll work in business or teach for a while and then decide you want to be part of the diplomatic corps. You can always change course later, but you need to set a course in the first place.

Get Your Degree

You will have more flexibility and a better chance of landing the types of jobs that allow for travel if you get a degree. The major you choose should be guided by your consideration of the above questions. In addition, consider studying another language and doing a semester abroad if possible. You may be able to pay for your education tuition and expenses, including studying abroad, by taking out a student loan. The application process is generally easy, and you should get an answer quickly about your eligibility.

Be Open

You’ve graduated from college, and you’ve landed your first job. Maybe you’ll be doing a lot of business travel to South America, or perhaps you’re going to fulfill your dream of living in Japan. There are major changes when you move to a new country, so it is important to be prepared for that fact. It’s also important to go into your experiences with an open mind and be prepared for the realization that not only does the rest of the world do things differently from you, but at times, you may not understand the customs or conventions of what is happening around you.

Being able to roll with these uncertainties is key to being a happy and successful traveler. Embrace the new and learn as much as you can about the places you’re going to. Even if you don’t speak the language, you can learn some polite phrases that show the locals that you’re making an effort, and this will be much appreciated. Try to avoid spending all of your time around other expats. Not only does this rob you of the chance to get to know local people better but while some expat communities can be very helpful, others can be negative and downbeat about the country they’re in.


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