How To Promote Your Blog On Social Media

Blogging is a modern job which can enable you to work with some big brands and voice any opinions you may have to a wider audience, all while providing a main source of income, or by supplementing another income you may have. It’s the norm these days.

How To Promote Your Blog On Social Media

How To Promote Your Blog On Social Media

There’s a variety of blogs out there, too. From fishing tips to karate kicks, to reading up on recipes on food blogs or learning about how to become a croupier in what is a high pressured environment, the content available is comprehensive. It’s frankly astounding when you think about it. The best content doesn’t always rise to the top, though. In fact, the internet has a funny way of sending the shoddy, badly written rants our way on occasions, with some of the better bloggers out there struggling to have their voice heard.

So, to help them and any other bloggers out there keen to spread their message, we thought we’d go through some of the common and most effective ways to promote your blog on social media.

Create intriguing, useful content

Simply recycling content, you’ve already read elsewhere will not enable you to separate yourself out from the rest. Your followers are more likely to share original content, which is why uniqueness is vital in this space. It’s a saturated sphere full of copy and pasted content, so if your content contains unique or useful information, then you’re likely to attract some new readers. Alongside this, a title – especially when it comes to sharing posts on social media – is another important aspect of creating a successful blog. An eye-catching, intriguing title certainly goes a long way, although nobody wants to read any clickbait. There is a fine line. Social media is also big on sexy visuals and clean images, so make sure you find the ideal image to accompany your post.

Integrate social media with your blog

To bridge the gap between popular social media platforms and your blog, it’s recommended that a blog is integrated with social media. Not only will it allow people to share any content they read on your site easily, but it also adds a sense of professionalism and an all-round air of respectability to your site. Be sure not to add too many social media share buttons to your posts, though. There’s a fine line between spamming them and adding just the right amount, so perhaps focus on the platforms you feel your blog is best suited to or the social media sites where you have a big enough following to warrant having a share button.

How To Promote Your Blog On Social Media

Create relationships with other bloggers

Bloggers tend to look out for bloggers, which is why establishing a relationship with other bloggers can be an important tool. If you’re impressed by a piece you’ve read elsewhere, share it and comment about it. Likewise, create blog posts focussing on the best bloggers in your field and let them know about it. Alongside this, look into the possibility of guest blogging on another site. There, you can access a new audience and earn yourself and your blog a plug in the process. Most of all, though, don’t be shy. Back your content and use it to establish relationships with likeminded people.

Join social communities

Platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook provide groups which are relevant to your niche, which is why joining them can be beneficial. Don’t promote your blog too much, though, or you’ll annoy the community. Join in on discussions and debates, arrange virtual meet-ups, gain their trust and respect, and then your content will be welcomed.

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