How to Spend a Perfect Day in Las Vegas

Las Vegas needs no introduction. It is a city world-famous for its Vegas Strip the casinos, wild parties, night life, and overall appeal of a city to escape your busy lifestyle and chill out in style. However, for first-time visitors it may not be obvious how to spend a day here and time can be easily wasted. There is more to Las Vegas than meets the eye. This quick guide should give you some ideas on how to spend a perfect day in Las Vegas and make the most of your trip.


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Let’s be honest most of you will have had parties late last night, so getting up early might not be on your mind. However, some of the best hotels in Las Vegas offer a full breakfast, so get up early and don’t miss it. Wake yourself up with a nonchalant morning walk along the famous Vegas Strip. On your walk, you can watch Vegas in action by day. It’s a good way to see the place without the loud music and the hordes of party people on the streets. In fact, check out some of the best coffee shops in Las Vegas and head out for a cappuccino and a decent lunch. You can use the morning to recover from the night before and yet still manage to take some cool photos of Vegas in the A.M. hours.

After lunch, it’s time for some truly unusual activities and there are plenty of wacky ideas to check out, such as these three:

1. Custom-Made Cigars
There is a place in Las Vegas called Don Yeyo Cigars, where you can get custom-made cigars rolled. Just make sure you save those special cigars for a big occasion.

2. Shooting an Uzi
At the quirky named Bullets and Burgers, you can fire an Uzi. A tour guide will take you to an outdoor shooting range after visiting the Hoover Dam Bridge. Grab a Thompson M1A1 submachine gun or an AK47 assault rifle and fire bullets into bunkers in the wild countryside.

3. Swim in a Topless Pool
This is one for the guys out there. If you want to see some half-naked ladies, head to a topless pool for an afternoon swim in the Vegas sunshine. These are fully licensed outdoor pools which permit mild nudity.


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No guesses for what you will do in the evening here in Las Vegas; however, the range of activities is so vast that you may not know where to start. There are shows to attend, strip clubs, casinos, bars, restaurants, pubs, and nightclubs. It’s worth checking out some of the city’s themed hotels such as The Venetian and Treasure Island. You’ll also want to check out the Bellagio Fountains by night. If you meet that lucky girl, you can also get married of course. All this crazy stuff happens in Las Vegas and hopefully you will have a ball no matter how you decide to spend your time here.

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