5 Unusual Activities to do in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Las Vegas features on more travel websites than you can care to count. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet, so you might find it odd to see Las Vegas in a “cities less travelled” type post. However, there are hidden gems and unusual activities to do everywhere around the world. Aside from casinos, shows, bars, and restaurants, is there anything else to do in Las Vegas? Well, yes, of course there is plenty to do!


It is the city of bright lights, spontaneous weddings, and poker. But after you have checked into your Las Vegas hotel, and you’ve ticked off all the main sights and activities, here are five slightly more unusual activities to try out in Las Vegas.

1. Get A Custom Made Cigar Rolled for You

Here in Las Vegas at Don Yeyo Cigars, you can get your own custom-made hand-rolled cigars. If you’re a fan of cigars, this is a sure-fire alternative activity to get on your list. Make sure you save those special cigars for a big occasion though.

2. Shoot a Uzi

At Bullets and Burgers in Las Vegas, you can shoot a Uzi. Basically, they pick you up at your hotel with a tour guide and you go to an outdoor shooting range after a visit to the Hoover Dam Bridge. If you are feeling adventurous you can get hold of a Thompson M1A1 submachine gun or an AK47 assault rifle and fire them in their custom-built military bunkers. You might want to learn more tips at Lunde Studio to prepare yourself before you go to the shooting range.

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3. Go Paintballing

Escape the madness of the casinos for the even more crazier and painful experience of paintballing. You get to shoot paintballs at your mates or enemies away from the bright lights of Vegas. Be sure to cover your private parts with a bit of padding as point-blank range paintballs can hurt badly. There are a few different companies in Las Vegas offering paintball.

4. Play Football (Soccer)

While the British call it football and the Americans call it soccer, nobody can deny that a game of football certainly helps you keep physically and mentally astute. Invite your mates down or simply join in with one of the teams. The Vegas Indoor Soccer center has lots of pitches to cater for big crowds.

football in Vegas

Photo by Rich Barton via Trover.com

5. Swim in a Topless Pool

The great thing about the laws in and around Las Vegas, is that if you want to escape screaming kids, then you can. These specially designed “Topless Pools” are strictly for over eighteens. Girls top up their tans while baring their boobies and guys try to pretend they are not constantly looking. Either way, it sounds like a great way to spend the afternoon in the Nevada sunshine.

So think outside the box when you head to Las Vegas. The city has built a reputation on its nightlife, its shows, and of course its casinos. This list proves there is much more to Las Vegas than all that.

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