Backpacking in the USA: 5 Quirky Places to Check out in Denver, Colorado

Denver is a highly populated and spectacular city in Colorado with a stunning backdrop against the Rocky Mountains. Aside from the obvious touristic sites such as Colorado State Capitol and the sports stadiums, it is always nice to head to unusual places in any destination. After checking into one of the best hotels in Denver, here are five quirky places to check out.

big blue bear

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1. Denver International Airport Art
If you fly in or out of Denver International Airport, you will immediately notice that it stands out from other airports. The reason being, the unusual and often disturbing art. Grotesque figures hiding in suitcases are present in the baggage claims area, and the airport sets aside a big chunk of its budget for developing art within the airport buildings. There is an awesome map of the United States as well as some unusual statues. Out of all the airports you visit, you will probably not get bored on a layover here.

art denver airport

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2. The Big Blue Bear
If you know Denver well, you will have predicted an arty theme to this list of quirky sights. While the Big Blue Bear remains a popular attraction, you’ll be surprised how many tourists pass in and out without visiting it. The building the Big Blue bear is looking into is the Colorado Convention Center.

3. The Mile High Marker
Denver is often called the “Mile High City” due to the fact that its official elevation is exactly a mile above sea level. So if you fancy a bit of nookie here, and joining “the mile high club” with a difference you might want to spice up your sex life with a visit to an adult store and Secrets is one of the best adult shops in the city and widely regarded as one of the best in the United States. If you’re too shy for the sex shop visit, you can always head to the steps to see the “one mile above sea level” marker.


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4. The Little Free Library
In cities where public libraries can become routine and repetitive, you might find it odd walking down a street in Denver to find a “free library” on the sidewalk. It’s one of the cities included in the “Little Free Library” project. With the idea of “take a book, return a book,” this is a great place to nonchalantly find books to read.

free library

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5. A Fool’s Gold Loaf at Nick’s Cafe
This is truly an epic food experience and one for Elvis fans who are visiting Denver. The “Fool’s Gold Loaf” sandwich made famous by Elvis Presley is a large hollowed-out bread loaf with peanut butter, grape jelly and bacon inside it. Sounds odd? The only way to know is to head to Nick’s Cafe and try it for yourself! Sadly, though, the original restaurant (Colorado Mine Company) that Elvis tried the sandwich in, is now closed.

Hopefully these five unusual activities will keep you occupied and away from the tourist trail when you visit Denver.

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