How Travelling Serves as an Elixir for Physical and Mental Well Being

In this era dominated by social media, people often confuse travelling with Instagrammable sunsets. They find success in their travel by posting a blow-by-blow update of the same on social media.

Reactions from total strangers and validation from friends in the form of ‘likes,’ determine if we enjoyed our vacation.

While that is one way to live our lives, it is not enough. And it is, not to mention, not the ideal life to root for, either.

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How Travelling Serves as an Elixir for Physical and Mental Well Being

Social media has a way to gloss over the truth and give us filtered versions of ourselves. It advertises what the world wants to see, and drains a person of their unadulterated versions.

Therefore, it is imperative that we learn to live for ourselves; not to appeal to the sensibilities of other people.

In the following article, I shall run over some of the miraculous benefits of travelling. I shall shed light on how travelling has taught me to gain new perspectives and tend to my heath.

Travelling enhances our physical and mental well-being, and ignites our creativity. It gives us a chance to reinvent ourselves and try something new. And if you have the opportunity to see the world, you must be up for it.

Travelling Has Had Miraculous Impacts on My Physical Health:

Humans are not invincible beings. No matter how healthy we might assume ourselves to be, we really are frail creatures.

Some of us might have found ourselves in good health for the most part. But that does not eradicate our chances of contracting viruses and falling severely ill.

Travelling around for a bit can be really helpful for physical health. It boosts the immunity of the body and rejuvenates an individual. I know that it has been beneficial to me.

On the Inca Trail in 2010

Besides the experience I have gained from all my trips, I have also enjoyed being in good health and vitality. The fresh air, the warm sunlight and the greenery- they have been alleviating to me.

And I very much look forward to travelling more once the dust settles on the pandemic. I suggest you do the same!

Travelling Has Been a Great Stress Buster:

Besides good physical health, what travelling does is beat the stress that an individual might have.

In this rapidly evolving world, most of us have become like automatons. We are only striving to be our best at work and life, but at a great price.

Our mental health is in shambles, and some of us might be just too ignorant to do anything about it.

Our stress is going over the roof, and meltdowns have become just another part of our routine. I am no exception to this phenomenon.

However, I am glad to inform you that travelling has helped me bust my stress significantly. It has made me calmer and filled me with a fresh zeal to work better.

Human beings need to unwind once in a blue moon. Travelling could be just the right way to do so.

Travelling Had Catered to My Overall Mental Health and Opened Me Up to New Experiences:

Travelling has helped me abate many of my mental health symptoms. And I am sure that many of you might find some inspiration to do the same.

Travelling around the world opens people up to new experiences. You meet new people, learn new things and try out unique things that you never thought you would.


Hiking in Georgia, at Kazbegi.

From gathering the slots rating process to trying out new cuisines, travelling serves as an institution. And these experiences make the battle with depression and other mental health disorders easier.

The madness of a busy Vegas casino and the calm of the mountains, travelling is the best medicine to dilapidating mental health.

It has helped me overcome several mental health issues, and it might work magically for you too.

Wrapping Up the Journey on the Long Winding Road:

Travelling, nearby or around the world, is an elixir for life. It keeps you sane and fills you with a renewed zest for life.

Doctors do not prescribe a vacation for nothing. Walking out in the sun for five minutes has bewildering health impacts.

Therefore, it can be safely assumed that travelling as much as possible will only enhance the quality of your life.

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