I wish it was 1997…(a postcard from Florida)

Today I received a postcard from my kid brother. I don’t often mention young Danny, aged 15, my only blood brother and my favourite person in the world. He went to holiday with my parents recently, and they went to Florida, USA! Now I just got home from work and got this postcard, which was great. I send my kid brother a postcard from almost everywhere I go in the world! (I found it hard to find a postcard and postbox in China, and struggled in Russia, so brought him one home instead). For me postcards are a wonderful invention and long may they live despite the internet and telephones taking over. There is nothing like a postcard. This postcard warped me back to 1997. My favourite year on this planet to date… and that was the second and last time I was in Florida. I spent 3 weeks there with my whole family back in August/September 1997, living it up in the Orlando sun.
Again on here in the future, and when I have some photos scanned/uploaded and some videos to relive (I have tons of videos on old VHS somewhere…) I will relive my Florida 1997 holiday in full. For the time being I’ll concentrate on life in Boringmouth and my new plans to relocate as of october 2009. By that time, we’ll be ready to live the 1997 dream all over again. Oasis will be number 1, and my smiles will be real again. God I wish I was 17 again, some days I feel I am. Just don’t believe the dates on the birth certificate…

Where we stayed – Ramada Resort, Maingate West of Walt Disney World

Who went – Ma, Da, The Kid, Jonny Blair, Cathy Blair, Marko Blair

Flights – Belfast – Orlando. Orlando -Gatwick – Belfast.

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