Banana-ade…copyright Jonny Scott Blair 2009

At work today, in Best Break we were discussing Apple and Orange Tango. I then realised that my favourite two types of fruit are Banana and Kiwi and are not available in “ade”. Yet these two types of fruit DO NOT appear obviously (in the UK anyway) in any form of fizzy drink. You cannot go into ASDA or Tesco and buy Banana – Ade. Yet you can buy Appleade, Lemonade, Orangeade, Limeade…even Cherryade and even Lilt which is made of pineapple and grapefruit. Yet there are no fizzy banana or kiwi drinks. Even puree/fruit juices seem to neglect these two drinks. You can buy Orange Juice, Tomato Juice…but where is the Banana Juice for your morning breakfast? Nowhere to be seen!

Therefore I am wishing to patent a new product as copyright Jonny Scott Blair 2009 and it is “Bananade” and “Kiwiade.” These products are not available, maybe I have found a niche market and maybe I will produce them? Not that I have the time to do such a project. But isn’t it interesting how there is no bananade around? Nobody stops to notice gaps in the market these days. Think of the revolutionary “Red Bull”, the flop of “Tab Clear” and the slow growth (and failures) of “Cherry Coca Cola”. Perhaps if the biggest companies in the world struggle to slide new products into view, it will be hard for bananade to take off. It was not entirely my idea, but also that of Lloyd Evans from work. Lloyd and I could well have uncovered a classic recipe here. Now show me the money!

What is it? – A banana fizzy drink

Why? – Because there isn’t one!

Who holds the copyright for “Bananade”? – Jonny Scott Blair and Lloyd Evans, August 2009

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