Important! The Truth About Microsoft MS-202 Certification Exam and Related Practice Tests

As a blogger it is important to be tech savvy and keep up to date with goings on in the technological world. The Microsoft MS-202: Microsoft 365 Messaging Administrator Certification Transition exam was designed only for those individuals who have already took the Microsoft 70-345: Designing & Deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 test. It is only a transition exam that is aimed at the specific candidates. If you haven’t passed the 70-345 test but you want to attain the Microsoft 365 Certified: Messaging Administrator Associate certification, you need to complete two exams: MS-200 and MS-201. The details of these two tests are available on the certification page.

Important! The Truth About Microsoft MS-202 Certification Exam and Related Practice Tests

The individuals for the Microsoft MS-202 exam are Messaging Administrators. They are involved in configuring, troubleshooting, monitoring, and managing public folders, recipients, permissions, mail protection, and mail flow in the on-premises and Cloud enterprise environment. These professionals are responsible for messaging an infrastructure, managing hygiene, disaster recovery, client access, hybrid configuration, high availability, and migration. They also partner with the Security Administrators& Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrators to carry out a secure hybrid topology that performs the business requirements of modern organizations.These messaging specialists are required to have theknowledge of authentication types, integration, and licensing with M365 applications before attempting the certification exam.

As this is a transition test, it has the exam topics that combined some aspects of Microsoft MS-200 and Microsoft MS-201. Let’s explore these objectives in detail.

Microsoft MS-202 Exam Topics from Microsoft MS-200

The MS-202 exam covers three topics of the Microsoft MS-200 test with different percentage weight.They are enumerated below.

  • Managing mail flow topology: 5 – 10%

Here, the students have to understand all about transport pipeline planning. This requires that they understand planning involved in the transport architecture, designing for multi-site mail flow, and planning a solution to ensure high availability of mail flow.

  • Managing recipients & devices: 10 – 15%

This topic area requires to know how to manage mailboxes and their policies & permissions, archive, shared & resource mailboxes, and groups. Also, you need to have skills in evaluating license options.

  • Managing modern messaging infrastructure: 20 – 25%

This topic requires that the candidates develop skills in managing databases. This entails planning mailbox database prerequisites; creating, configuring&troubleshooting mailbox databases. The test takers must also understand how to manage the messaging infrastructure lifecycle. This covers the components, such as planning Exchange server installation; installing & updating Exchange services; preparing AD for Exchange. Competence must be developed in this topic to be able to achieve the desired success in the exam.

Microsoft MS-202 Exam Topics from Microsoft MS-201

The Microsoft MS-202 exam has two massive topics from the list of ones measured inMicrosoft MS-201. They include planning and implementing hybrid configuration & migration and securing a messaging environment. Let’s explore these two topics in detail.

  • Planning & implementing hybrid configuration & migration: 20 -25%

This requires that the candidates understand how to plan a hybrid environment. The exam will evaluate the students’ skills and knowledge on evaluating federation in hybrid co-existence; deciding between Exchange Modern Hybrid and Exchange Classic Hybrid; evaluating hybrid busy/free access. The certification test also measures one’s skills as they relate to the deployment of a hybrid environment. The students will be able to verify and deploy OAuth for hybrid deployment; install & configure the Edge server role; configure hybrid mail flow, federation in hybrid co-existence, and OCT. This also covers the skills required to deploy the Exchange Hybrid Agent to more than one Exchange servers; implement advanced and multifaceted hybrid functionality, such as OneDrive access, Outlook for iOS, and On-premises.

  • Securing messaging environment: 35 – 40%

Here, youneed to develop core competence in managing message hygiene. Your skills and knowledge will be measured in a wide range of components. These include planning for message hygiene; managing connection filters; configuring malware filters and spam filters. You will also be evaluated on monitoring action center &quarantined items; planning & configuring Spam Confidence Levels; managing protection for phishing.

This block covers two more themes: managing of ATP for messaging & compliance. You need to configure and manage ATP safe links, safe attachments, and anti-phishing along with managing of ATP anti-spam & monitoring Threat Protection status. Moreover, you should have knowledge in managing journal rules, content search and litigation hold together with configuring data loss prevention policies & retention policies and reviewing & analyzing audit logs.

What Happened to Microsoft MS-202 Exam?

As mentioned, this certification exam is a transition one that is aimed at those individuals who have already passed the Microsoft 70-345 test. It was designed to bridge the gap between the old certification path and the new role-based certificates that were recently introduced by Microsoft. The company gave a specific timeline for the availability of this exam, which means the candidates whohave already passed Microsoft 70-345 but didn’t take or pass MS-202 before it was retired would have to forfeit their passed test and start with the certification process all over again.

What Should You Do Now?

For the applicantswhohave already passed the 70-345 exam but didn’t take Microsoft MS-202 before its expiration, they need to follow the certification process with the new tests. To ace bothexams at your first attempt in order to earn the Microsoft 365 Certified: Messaging Administrator Associate credential, you need to use reliable resources. They will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to effectively answer the questions. The Microsoft Learning Portal is your go-to platform for training requirements. You can also explore numerous prep tools and study materials to achieve a desired score in the exam. In addition to the official training platform, you should consider using other ones for more insights and up-to-date materials. Exam-Labs offers a wealth of tools that you can use for your effective preparation process. It is a leading exam training platform that provides a wide range of resources to the students preparing for any certification tests. Some prep resources available on thiswebsite include training courses, exam simulator, practice questions, and exam dumps.


There are a lot of certification exams that need certain changes and updates due to the evolving IT sphere. That is why there were such tests as Microsoft MS-202 and Microsoft 70-345. One replaced the other, and now the MS-202 exam is also not available anymore. You always need to keep an eye on the certification programs that you are interested in. Someday yourcredential may also need some updates. Check from time to time for any changes, prepare yourself in advance, and be an in-demand specialist with an up-to-date ITcertification.

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