Inca Trail Day 2 Part 4: The Easy Descent to Paqaymayu Campsite

Descent to Paqaymayu Campsite

So they told me that Day 2 was far and away the hardest day of hiking on the Inca Trail, yet by 1 pm I had arrived at our base for the night, untired and not feeling like I had walked a lot. Our base that night was at Paqaymayu, some modest 3,500 metres above sea level.

The walk down hill from Warmiwanuska was misty, pleasant, and with nice views. I walked with Roberta for the most part, we were in the top 5 of our group.

Another Northern Ireland flag moment.

A waterfall on the way down.

First glimpse of our campsite.

Arrival at our campsite at Paqaymayu.

National football shirts – Northern Ireland and Argentina. With Damien.

I was very happy to have raced ahead on this day, as the rest of the day was mine to do whatever. I wouldn’t have to walk again until 5 am the next morning.

I hung my clothes up on the tent I chose, they were soaked through. It was time to relax.

From – Warmiwanuska

To – Paqaymayu

Distance – Less than 3 kilometres

Key Song – 


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