Inca Trail Day 3 Part 1: Morning Ascent to Runkurakay

Inca Trail Day 3 – Part 1 – Morning Ascent to Runkurakay

Day 3 was meant to be an easy one. So let’s start at 5 am where we were awoken in our campsite at Paqaymayu. An early start with a fresh cup of hot Coca Tea was just the tonic to start the day. The weirdest thing of all for me on this particular day was that it was Christmas Eve. Totally bereft of churches, gifts, Christmas Trees, coloured lights and singing, I was on a trek to our base, equipped only with a Santa Hat I had bought in Bolivia a few days earlier.

Breakfast was had and 20 minutes later there was no time to waste as we began the lengthy hike. We were heading uphill to Runkurakay.

There were loads of us on the ascent that morning – so it was a slow start almost a people army on the trail. This was a big day of the hike and all the groups seemed to leave at a similar time.
Rain continued heavily as we reached the top of the first ascent and stopped for a group photo, with those from our group who were around at the same time. It was cold and wet – excellent hiking weather, but not so good for the views.

Arrival at Runkurakay – the sign let us know this. In the morning mist and at 7am you wouldn’t have had a clue.

As Day 2 had been fairly bereft of actual Inca Ruins, Day 3 didn’t disappoint. This was the first of many on the famous trail the Incas once took, and pathed in days gone by.

It was at the top of this ascent that we saw a lagoon – aided by the extra rain, this was a bit of extra sightseeing. None of the group wanted to linger and we made our way down fast to Sayaqmarca, an impressive Inca Ruins further down and with views over misty landscape.

From – Paqaymayu Camping Ground

To – The Descent to Sayaqmarca

Terrain – Tough upward ascent

Weather – Very wet, cold, windy

Kilometres Travelled – 4
Key Song –
Yazz – The Only Way Is Up:



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