My Family Don’t Seem So Familiar: 2 Years Apart and Hong Kong Reunion

My Family Don’t Seem So Familiar: 2 Years Apart and Hong Kong Reunion

As you get older and life changes you find you see your family less and less, unless of course you have a wife and kids of your own, which I don’t.

I emigrated from the UK finally in 2009. That was the last time i saw my Mum and Dad. However it was a full month before that when I last saw my kid brother, Danny. And as far as I can remember it was 6 months before that when I last saw my other brother Marko and sister Cathy.

Tomorrow will see me reunited with four of them – Mum Muriel, Dad Joe, Kid Danny and Sister Cathy. It will also be their first time in Asia, when they visit me in my current home of Hong Kong. It will be a culture shock for them, but not for me. I’m at home here now and simply showing them my new surroundings and my new love, Yu Pan Yu.
Panny has already made plans to see Ocean Park and Sai Kung and I made my plans to see Lantau Island, the Big Buddha, the Peak, the Man Mo Temple, Central, Tsim Sha Tsui, 2 Museums, The Irish Pub I work in and a pub crawl/night out for Cathy and Danny with Pan and my workmates. Should be fun.
Safe flights family. Belfast to London. London to Frankfurt. Frankfurt to the Kong. See you in 20 hours time in Hong Kong Airport.
KEY SONG – OASIS – GAS PANIC “my family don’t seem so familiar”

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