Make Your Plans to Visit the Top North American Cities

Make Your Plans to Visit the Top North American Cities


You don’t need to travel overseas to see some of the best places in the world. Right here in the United States, you can find some of the best cities on the globe. If you are feeling restless, you can expand your route to the larger North American continent and have even more options for exceptional cities and places.

Here are some of the very best cities in North America you should put on your travel list next:

Los Angeles

Swimming pools, movie stars. OK, that was technically Beverly Hills, but you’ll see the same and MUCH more in Los Angeles (which includes a bit of Beverly Hills anyway). This is the land of fame, excess, and you’ll feel like you are a part of it when you visit. You can look for your favorite stars on the Walk of Fame, go shopping for designer duds on Rodeo Drive, and tour studio lots to see where your favorite movies were filmed. Visit landmarks like the Griffith Observatory, the Capitol Records Building, or the TCL Chinese Theatre.

Don’t forget to visit WeHo while you’re there (that’s West Hollywood for the uninitiated). Eat at gourmet restaurants like Madeo Ristorante, shop the design district along places like Melrose Avenue, and march in the huge L.A. Pride Parade. Stay at one of the hotels on the Sunset Strip to be a part of the action.

Mexico City

Mexico City is the capital and most populated city in Mexico. Head south of the border and see beautiful traditional and modern art at the Museo Nacional de Arte, see performances at the National Polytechnical Symphony, watch a national soccer game at the Olympic Stadium in Ciudad Universitaria, get lost in the traditional markets, and eat to your heart’s content at the many traditional and gourmet restaurants. Wander a bit outside the city to see historical sites like temples, or head downtown for some of the best night life in the country.

The Tequila Museum is in Garibaldi Square, Mexico City.


The Windy City is a metropolitan oasis in the Midwest, and it is home to notables like Oprah Winfrey and actors John and Joan Cusack. Chicago is a major draw for sports fans, and you can see teams like the Chicago Bulls play at the United Center or the Chicago Cubs play at Wrigley Field. But you don’t have to like sports to love this city. Millions of visitors every year come to places like Grant Park, Millennium Park, Navy Pier, Museum Campus, the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower), and much more.

Chicago offers something for everyone, including some of the best in fine dining, classic and contemporary art and architecture, designer fashion, exciting night life, and much more.

New York

New York is the most populous city in America, and many feel that there is just no other place like it in the country. It is one of the top tourist destinations in the world, and for good reason. You can visit the major landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, the Empire State Building, or the former site of the World Trade Centers. If you like art and culture, you can head to the many museums, like the Guggenheim, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or the Natural History Museum. Go to the Fashion District for Shopping, Times Square to check out a Broadway musical (get tickets in advance), or to Central Park for a little relaxation away from the crowds.

Backpacking in New York City, USA in 2007.

You can’t go wrong eating anywhere in the city, but you might want to make a point to get a bagel and a slice of pizza while you’re there. Book ahead for some of the top restaurants. You might even see a celebrity or two while you’re there!


Head north to Toronto, the most populous city in Canada and the capital of Ontario and the one that gave Don’t Stop Living its name. Head to the Royal Ontario Museum for the unique architecture and the exhibits on world culture and natural history. Go to the Don Valley Brick Works to learn more about history, shop in the Entertainment District, or visit the Eaton Centre for shopping and dining.

Eton Center, Toronto

North America is rich with beautiful cities rife with history and culture. Add these top spots to your travel list and get more by staying closer to home for your travel.


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