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Learning a language abroad is an amazing experience and one I have indulged in so many times. These days, it has become much easier. Those based in the UK, try the ESL website for some great ideas about learning a language abroad. In this post, I’ll discus my three most exciting times learning languages abroad, all part of my 130+ country journey the last 14 years.

Learnining Polish in Gdansk with Jonny Blair

Learning Polish in Gdansk with Alina

Benefits of Learning a Language Abroad
Apart from the obvious one – being able to communicate with locals, there are so many extra benefits. Taste the flavours, hear the sounds and move to the rhythms of another culture; make new friends and improve your language skills faster than you thought possible! With ESL – Language Travel you can discover more than 250 thrilling language study destinations around the world, from Africa to Asia to Central America. You might remember I studied Cantonese in Hong Kong not so long ago. Working with trusted schools, ESL – Language Travel offer you exceptional language study trips, tailored to your individual goals and needs and their Gap Year programme is perfect for young people who want to try this new life of adventure for a year away from their homeland.

Learning Cantonese at the Chinese University of Hong Kong

Whether you are interested in language courses for adults, business language training for professionals, language camps for teenagers or long-term language programmes abroad, the courses at ESL – Language Travel will have something for you. With courses in more than 20 languages on 5 continents, they invite you to a world of languages. I strongly recommend it. Now here are my personal top three experiences abroad learning languages.

1.Learning Spanish in Montevideo, Uruguay
As well as living with a local family in a cool suburb of Montevideo, I also passed my course at the Spanish School in the Old Town of Montevideo in 2010. A very happy travel time for me. The Spanish came in handy as I toured Spain, Central America and South America with a good grasp of the language.

Jonny Blair living a lifestyle of travel in Montevideo, URUGUAY

Living and Studying in Uruguay – Learning Spanish in Montevideo!

2.Learning Cantonese in Hong Kong
I spent three years (or more cumulatively) in Hong Kong and was attempting to get to know Cantonese. I wasn’t good at it – I admit that, but I tried my best and I still know a few words. I studied at the University of Hong Kong before life took me travelling again…

Busy studying Cantonese in Tsim Sha Tsui

3.Learning Polish in Gdansk
When life took me to Gdansk in 2016, I started to learn Polish with Pani Alina at Learn Polish in Gdansk. For sure, this was the language I was best at out of the three and having had a bout of depression and being lied to by a so-called friend, I ended up living long term in Poland, my current new home where I blog as Northern Irishman in Poland.

Learning Polish in Gdańsk – with Alina my teacher.

So please, what are you waiting for – get out there and see the world and use ESL – Language Travel as a tool to start learning languages abroad!

ESL – Learning Languages Abroad

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