Meeting the Locals in Thailand

tuk tuk in Bangkok Thailand

Meeting the Locals in Thailand

Thailand doesn’t always get much publicity on here. The main reason for that is that it’s over done, it’s over killed and everybody and their brother has been to Bangkok. However now and then I go back to Thailand mostly on stopovers, it helps by the fact that I have some friends there such as Allan from Live Less Ordinary and a cool hotel that I like in Sukhumvit. One thing that remains a constant, aside from the over hyped tourism is the local people. Thai people are friendly to the core.

Backpacking in Bangkok..

Backpacking in Bangkok..

A good way to meet and interact with Thai people is through the Thailand tours section on Withlocals website. It’s an easy way to get an authentic feel for the nation’s proud people and interact with them in a way you can’t really do when you go partying on Khaosan Road or Koh Samui.

lonely planets in bangkok

Khaosan Road, Bangkok, Thailand.

With Locals helps connect you with the real life people around the world and for those new to travel and the concept of it all, this makes an easy way to start things off. Thailand being an easy country for first time travellers too helps ease you into a relationship with travel that could last a life time. An advantage of Withlocals is it’s a real life site and won’t have you roped into encounters with dodgy characters. Ladyboys, prostitutes and girls after more than a suck of a penis all give Bangkok (and other parts of Thailand) a reputation which its hard working, genuine people don’t really deserve or need.

Thai Girls - not exactly the shyest females on the planet!

Thai Girls – not exactly the shyest females on the planet!

From my experiences in Thailand, for some reason the girls are always much more friendly, must have something to do with the thought that they can get a “sugar daddy” or earn some cash by sucking guys off (let’s be frank here, it happens a lot!). I’ve seen live blowjobs at 2pm in a bar in the centre of Sukhumvit. Nobody raises an eyelid. On with the show.

fortaleza backpacking beach

Gorgeous beaches of Thailand

If you are worried about these types of indulgences, then get in touch with the guys at With Locals and escape the “sex tourism” vibe that sadly preceded Thailand. You’ll get real Thai food, meet up with the locals and even better – some relaxation on beaches that are simply paradise!

Safe travels.

2 thoughts on “Meeting the Locals in Thailand

  • There’s definitely a lot more to Thailand than just Bangkok and the beaches in the South. The tribes in the Northern Highlands are definitely worth checking out, and I read that there is a Wat completely made out of bottles in the even less visited Northeast. Hope you do make it make to Thailand in the future, and explore the less traveled routes in the North. You might be surprised!
    Ray recently posted…Sugarloaf MountainMy Profile

  • Too true Ray but I’ve never given the country much of a chance due to phenomenal hoardes of 18 year old backpackers, and incidentally that “wasn’t once me”! I’ll be back for sure as Bangkok is one if the cheapest routes I pass through year in year out though. Safe travels. Jonny

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