Monday’s Money Saving Tips: 6 Places in Hong Kong to get FREE Internet

More free internet tips today for you on Monday’s Money Saving Tips as I scour the streets of Hong Kong looking to get online. Here are 6 places in Hong Kong to get FREE internet.

free internet access in Hong Kong

Monday’s Money Saving Tips – 5 Ways to get free internet access in Hong Kong

1. MTR Stations

Some of Hong Kong’s MTR Stations have free internet portals for public use. While there are not many of them, they are free of charge and you can use them for 20 minutes a session. MTR Stations that have this facility include Tsuen Wan (top floor) and Wan Chai (on one of the lower floors). You don’t even need a log in password. Look around Hong Kong or ask at MTR stations and they will be able to tell you. With Hong Kong’s residents and visitors now being well connected with their smart phones etc. you’ll also find that the internet portals at the MTR stations are not always busy, so you might not have to wait long.

mtr stations hong kong

Some MTR Stations in Hong Kong have Internet Portals.

2. McDonald’s

While it’s always nice to ignore and avoid these horrendous big companies, you can’t deny that they know how to attract extra customers and I have fallen fodder to this tactic many times. McDonald’s offers free Wi-Fi. Almost to the point where I felt my 14 HKD breakfast or my 9 HKD McDouble were basically for free as I had 20 minutes of free Wi-Fi. And yes it does expire after 20 minutes so be quick and use it wisely. And do what I do – buy the cheapest thing on the menu. You can also sit outside and pick up a signal for the Wi-Fi by the way. It’s unlikely anyone will tell you to move. So you can get your 20 free minutes without even looking at the McDonald’s menu.

hong kong mcdonalds free wi fi

McDonalds in Hong Kong offers 20 minutes of Free Wi Fi

3. Shopping Centres

Some shopping centres, similarly to MTR stations have free internet portals. There are not many of these portals about and this is always changing, but currently APM Shopping Centre in Kwun Tong has one free computer as does the Metroplaza in Kwai Fong. Have a look on google before you head to that shopping centre and you might get lucky. Ask at reception desks at shopping centres too. If they don’t have a free computer to use, they often have a Wi-Fi network and password (The Sun Hung Kai Centre at Wan Chai offers this, for example).

free wi fi in hong kong

APM shopping centre in Kwun Tong has a Wi Fi portal and many shopping centres offer free wi fi in Hong Kong

4. Bars, Pubs, Cafes, Restaurants

With Hong Kong being such a commercial and capitalist hub these days, bars without free Wi-Fi tend to lose a share of the market. Customers in business suits want bars with free Wi-Fi to meet their clients in. And for that reason, most bars in Lan Kwai Fong these days offer free Wi-Fi, as do a lot in Wan Chai and as does Delaney’s at Tsim Sha Tsui and a load of other bars. Most will even have a sign on the door advertising Free Wi-Fi. Holly Brown’s Coffee Shop in central also has free Wi-Fi but it’s pricey and not always a strong connection. If you walk into a bar and you’re not sure, just ask them, if they say no, pop next door. They’ll get the message that to start attracting business customers they’ll need to offer free Wi-Fi.

hong kong free wi fi

Monday’s Money Saving Tips – Free Wi-Fi in Bars in Hong Kong.

5. Hong Kong International Airport

I HATE it when airports try to charge you for internet usage. It’s a bug bear of mine. You’ve forked out loads of money on your flight. All you want is at least 20 minutes of free Wi-Fi time. Hong Kong International Airport has free Wi-Fi and even better it doesn’t have a time limit. However no password is needed so the network is insecure so be mindful of that.

free wi fi in hong kong airport

Making use of the free Wi Fi at Hong Kong International Airport

6. Libraries

This goes for a lot of cities actually but sometimes you’ll need to be a member or have to walk past security to get into a library. Hong Kong has a load of libraries that are free to enter and not always manned by security. Most recently I went into the one in Wanchai, and Wi Fi there was fast and free, and can be secured as well.

wi fi in hong kong

Using the free Wi-Fi in Wan Chai Library in Hong Kong.

Notable absentees are Starbucks, KFC and Burger King. You can get free Wi-Fi in all of those places too, and a load more. But honestly guys, just think outside the box – don’t be wasting money on paying for internet on your travels. Hope you enjoyed this post on 6 Places in Hong Kong to get Free Internet. If you have all these options in a place like Hong Kong, then most big cities in the world will have the same. I wrote some more advice on not paying for the internet on this post.

Safe travels guys and happy Mondays!

With my endless money saving travel tips and stories, I want to help you all save money as you travel the world! Check my advertising page if you have an idea for my Monday’s Money Saving Tips, and don’t forget I welcome free trips, free food and any Wi-Fi I can find…

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