Monday’s Money Saving Tips: Fake Student ID Cards

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Monday’s Money Saving Tips – Fake Student IDs

I’m not really recommending getting yourself in trouble but I’m definitely cutting corners and constantly finding ways to budget when you travel. A great tip is to buy (or make) a fake Student ID Card. These days anyone can be a student, as there are so many mature students out there, so you;re never to old to get a cheap pint as a fake student!

How to make fake student ID cards:

How more easy can it be? Find someone who currently is a student and copy their card except for the photo and personal details – make everything match to your own passport/travel document details and bingo. When you’re touring round Africa, some museum isn’t EVER going to doubt that you attend Bournemouth University (for example).

Jonny Blair studying in Uruguay

Last time I used a fake student ID I was actually really studying – well doing a Spanish course in Montevideo, URUGUAY!

Where to buy fake student ID cards:

From my travels, I have found that the best place to buy fake student ID cards is actually on Khaosan Road in Bangkok, Thailand.

monday's money saving tips fake student ids

These fake student IDs and all sorts of fake things are all readily available in Khaosan Road in Bangkok, THAILAND

There is an infinite amount of backpacker gadgets, gear and cheap fake stuff available there. Although I am not a big fan of Bangkok, I have passed through its dirty streets on a few ocassions (normally as a stop over) and found myself spending a few nights in different parts of it. Head to Khaosan Road and you can pick up loads of cheap travel stuff, not just fake student ID cards, but these:


– Fake CDs, DVDs

– Fake degrees

– Fake international driving licences

– Fake and second hand travel guides (you can buy almost every Lonely Planet there is in Khaosan Road!!)

Jonny Blair in Khaosan Road in Bangkok

I don’t really LOVE Khaosan Road in Bangkok by the way, but for cheap travel stuff it’s great!!

What can you use fake student ID cards for?

I find that there are a host of places that accept discount for travellers who are pensioners or students, here’s a few examples over the years:

– Cheaper drinks (in student bars mostly)

– Cheaper entry to theme parks

– Cheaper entry to museums

– Discount in certain clothing stores

– Discount on train tickets

– Discount on books, art materials, stationery etc.

– Discount on cinema tickets

– Discount entry to sporting events

– Numerous other discounts you’d never have thought possible!

Fake lonely planet books

An abundance of fake and second hand Lonely Planets available in Bangkok’s Khaosan Road in Thailand.

So that’s my tip for today on my regular Monday’s Money Saving Tips feature – if you want a fake student ID card, head to Khaosan Road in Bangkok, buy it and head round the world milking your discounts. Or be a total cheapskate entrepreneur and print one yourself 😉

Safe travels!


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