Exclusive: The Day I…Went Behind the Scenes in a Chinese Factory!!

Jonny Blair peeking behind the scenes at a Chinese factory

An exclusive on Don’t Stop Living: Behind the scenes in a Chinese Factory!

You know all those things you hear about Chinese factories? Over working, long hours, bad rates of pay, moaning staff, slavery and that stupid term “sweat shops” (which I hate)…well it was time to try and dispel some of these myths, or indeed prove them to be correct as I got an exclusive visit –  the day I went behind the scenes in a Chinese factory! It was a Chinese Plastics Factory – a global one.

behind the scenes in a Chinese factory

Boxes sit in a Chinese Factory, somewhere in China on my exclusive visit!

I cannot mention the factories name, but I will mention the province of China that it sits in – Guangdong. Guangdong is a popular province for factories, given its proximity or inclusion of cities like Zhuhai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. All of whom offer water gateways to the world – exportation of goods on container ships.

Jonny Blair goes behind the scenes in a Chinese factory

Backpacking my way behind the scenes for an exclusive Chinese factory tour.

So I was whisked away in a dark coloured car, accompanied by a relative of the factory’s founder and one of the factories managers. It was all Chinese style to the core. I was whisked miles from a major city, at dusk to a town nobody has ever heard of. Revving engines on the way through the factory gates. A guard on the gates who “didn’t want to be there”. A padlock and a bell ring and we were parked inside. It was dark and hot.

plastic factory in China

The Day I went behind the scenes in a Chinese Plastics Factory

I am introduced to the manager of the factory and told not to take any photos or videos. I want to – I’m thinking of my blog and the story I want to write for https://dontstopliving.net but my conscience gets the better of me and I savour the experience, the photos on here were the permitted ones in the outer part of the factory.

Jonny Blair got behind the scenes at a Chinese factory

Plastics fresh off the press during my Chinese factory visit!

They melt, mould and make plastics here – of all shapes and sizes and designs. The plastics, to my surprise are mass produced in bulk and all written in English, they are preparing Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas and Happy Mother’s Day plastic gifts.

Happy Mother's Day gift from China

I was allowed to take one fresh Happy Mother’s Day pink plastic gift for my Mum. The joys of behind the scenes tours.

A tidy office with a water cannister lights up the darkness. Beyond that a row of workers party the night hours away moulding plasic while a radio beats the sounds they want to hear. They have a laugh and joke as they make endless plastic objects all of which fall tidily into boxes at the end of the rows. Once the pink ones are finished, they move on to blue. This is NOT the kind of atmosphere you’d expect. They are working away, hard working, earning money for their family, but they seem happy. The manager passes me through the corridors saying hello and exchanging jokes in Chinese with his workers.

Plastics in a Chinese factory

Plastics in China ready to be shipped across the world.

It’s all friendly and fun. They work long hours, yes that is true, but they’re not complaining here in this dark and rusty factory. The working conditions seemed good to me – tea and coffee was available, they can eat in the canteen and they have the music on. Yes, they work early and stay late at night, but the workers were content.

Jonny Blair visits a factory in China

Out in a secret location in remote Chinese countryside – behind the scenes in a Chinese factory!

I am sharing this experience with you as this was yet another incredible experience on my travels, but please note that the reason this post isn’t too detailed is that it can’t be. I have to respect the factory and the workers and their right to anonymity.

How do you organise a behind the scenes visit to a Chinese Factory?

With great difficulty. These are the best two ways:

1. Know the owner, manager or workers of the factory (and know them well).

2. Work there.

There is also the option that you might be a merchandiser or representative of a company working closely with the factories and you will get a visit there through work. But remember, I went there as a traveller! To me, this was a really inspiring and unique visit to have seen and done, and remember it “isn’t even in the Lonely Planet!”

A few other decent posts on China are my trip to Shangri La and Gu Lang Yu.

Two videos I was permitted to take on the day I went behind the scenes in a Chinese Factory:

7 thoughts on “Exclusive: The Day I…Went Behind the Scenes in a Chinese Factory!!

  • Interesting opportunity – contentment is relative/subjective. When in Cambodia I spoke with Shoe Factory employees – I cringed at what they described as a common work day in the factory but they were thrilled to have the job. For them it meant no interaction with tourists and paid far better than anything else in the region. When I considered those elements I began to understand why they were so happy to endure their jobs where I’d last no more than a few hours.

  • Totally agree with your sentiments Maria – I was inside the factory for almost 2 hours but couldnt see much unhappiness – bit of a private insight and I’m happy that I’m keeping that promise and not sharing too much information on it – China mass produces and the rest of the world relies on it. These are hard working, honest, family loving people. Safe travels.

  • Interesting experience for sure!

    I have heard from both sides of the Chinese factory scale. I used to know an inventor who’s stuff got made in factories and he said the factories he used were great. Another friend of mine designs glasses, she recently visited the companies factories and said she was shocked at how awful it was…. Overall we need to keep pushing and learning more to bring the standard of all factories up. Even if that means paying a few pennies more for some basic goods.
    Forest Parks recently posted…You Look Like Lionel RichieMy Profile

  • Thanks for the comment Forest. I was also under orders not to take photos, make videos etc. but I had to take a few to be able to post this for you guys. I’ve been quite vague too but definitely a great travel experience. I can’t even mention what part of China it was in or when I visited. Jonny

  • I thank you every day for the friends I have, because in addition to filling my life with happiness, they envelop me with the wonderful feeling that all this will persist for all eternity.

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