World Borders: Getting the Hong Kong to Zhuhai Ferry (“A Fast Boat to China”!!)

hong kong to zhuhai ferry

World Borders – Getting the Hong Kong to Zhuhai ferry, basically a “fast boat to China”!!

Having used Hong Kong as my base for the last couple of years, I have made countless trips into China, covering a few of them in detail on here:

1. Hong Kong to China (Kwun Tong to Huanggang)

2. Hong Kong to Macao (by ferry)

3. Hong Kong to China (Hung Hom to Guangzhou)

4. Sheung Shui to Lo Wu to Shenzhen

Today I give you the details on getting from Hong Kong to Zhuhai by ferry. Zhuhai is a pretty seaside city in China, right on the border to Macau, so you could easily just go in there from Macau. However I took the ferry from Kowloon in Hong Kong. It’s an easy and simple border crossing and is done by ferry. Here’s the details.

ferry timetables hong kong

Some of the ferries leaving from the China Hong Kong City Ferry Terminal in Kowloon, Hong Kong.

What Routes are there for getting the Hong Kong to Zhuhai, China ferry?

To get from Hong Kong to Zhuhai in China you have three options of locations in Hong Kong you can leave from:

1. Kowloon to Zhuhai

2. Sheung Wan/Hong Kong Island to Zhuhai

3. Hong Kong International Airport to Zhuhai

china ferry terminal

A ticket counter in China Hong Kong City ferry terminal for booking the Zhuhai ferry.

I went from Kowloon, so here’s the rundown on how to do it.

How to book the Kowloon (Hong Kong) to Zhuhai Ferry

Head to the Hong Kong China Ferry Terminal in China Hong Kong City Shopping Mall which is off Canton Road in Tsim Sha Tsui. Take Exit L5 from Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station to get to it. It’s a 10 minute walk from the station and the Ferry Terminal is inside a modern shopping complex by the water. Please note that it is not Star City Shopping Centre though. Head on past Star City on the left and you’ll find the China Hong Kong City Shopping Mall.

china hong kong ferry terminal

This is the China Hong Kong Ferry Terminal – housed in a shopping centre in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Head inside and up the escalators and turn right. There are ferries run by a company called CKS (Chu Kong Shipping). There are a number of ferries running throughout the day, everyday. Translations for everything is in English as well as Chinese (obviously). There’s normally a few hours gap between each ferry so check up to date with the current timetable when you decide to go. We got the 11.30 am crossing on a Saturday. Had we missed that, the next one was at 1.30 pm.

ticket for zhuhai china

The Chu Kong Shipping Company (CKS) booth where I bought my ticket for Zhuhai, CHINA.

There is no need to book your ferry in advance. Just turn up and book it on the day you’re heading there. The only exception to this would be around Chinese New Year where the ferries will be understandably a lot more full, in which case, yes, get it booked in advance online:

ferry to zhuhai from hong kong

CKS sell ferry tickets to a few places of which Zhuhai is one. Easy to book – just turn up on the day!

You can then buy a one way ticket or a return to Zhuhai. Zhuhai is pronounced more like “Zchew High” than “zoo hey” by the way. I left Hong Kong on the 6th July on a one way ticket and this cost me 198 Hong Kong Dollars. I didn’t book a return as we were unsure of when and how we would get back to Hong Kong (in the end we came back via Macau).

hong kong to zhuhai ferry china

My one way ticket on a fast boat to China. Hong Kong to Zhuhai ferry!

Boarding the Hong Kong to Zhuhai Ferry

Once you have your ticket, check the time that the ferry leaves and allow half an hour for going through departures and boarding. In honesty, unless it’s a busy time you don’t need a full 30 minutes, but just to be sure I’d allow myself this amount of time.

hong kong to zhuhai ferry ticket check

Ticket check before immigration heading on the Hong Kong to Zhuhai ferry.

Ticket check happens before immigration. There wasn’t a big queue at the Hong Kong immigration point for departures. Having a Hong Kong ID card that is registered for e-Channel makes things quicker for me as I never need to go to a human to leave Hong Kong. I put my card into the slot, then the system checks my thumb print and lets me through. If you’re going through with a passport, you will get a stamp here. They didn’t check if I had a valid China visa and they will only do that in suspicious circumstances. If you want more information on getting a Chinese Visa, check my full post here: Getting a Chinese Visa in Hong Kong.

jonny blair china hong kong ferry

Relaxing while I wait for the Hong Kong to Zhuhai ferry in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.

Once you’re through immigration find your departure gate – ours was Berth 4. There are a few shops and machines for buying snacks and drinks near the departure gates. Food and drink isn’t checked – neither are your bags. This is a very straight forward departure from a country.

zhuhai ferry

What the ferry looks like on board between Hong Kong and Zhuhai, China.

On Board the Hong Kong to Zhuhai Ferry

Sit back and relax! This is a great journey which passes by Kowloon and Lantau Island. There is a small “bar/kiosk” on board the ferry and they sell a few drinks and snacks. You can pay in either Hong Kong Dollars or Chinese Yuan (RMB).

coffee on hong kong to zhuhai ferry

Relax with a coffee on board and enjoy the ferry crossing to China.

You may also be able to pay in Macau Dollars but I didn’t ask. Prices are surprisingly reasonable on board and for that reason I bought a hot coffee. It was 12 Hong Kong Dollars.

ferry from hong kong to zhuhai

About to board my ferry from Hong Kong to Zhuhai in China.

After about an hour you arrive in Jiuzhou Harbour in Zhuhai. You are now officially in China and need to head to immigration.

ferry from hk into china at zhuhai

Arrival into Zhuhai in China.

Getting into China at Jiuzhou Harbour, Zhuhai

If you are a foreigner you have two options here for getting into China on arrival at Jiuzhou Harbour, Zhuhai:

1. Use the visa you already have, get it checked, stamped and in you go. (This is what I did, possessing a multi entry Chinese Visa)

2. Get a three day visa on the border. (This is a great option for those on a spontaneous short trip)

To get a three day visa on the border, you will need:

1. Your passport

2. A passport photo

3. Proof of your ferry or flight out of China (this is essential by the way – these are new short term Chinese Visas mostly organised for business people)

4. A full Visa form filled in and signed

5. Payment (this varies from Nationality to Nationality, can be as cheap as 160 Yuan for some countries!)

** Please note that if you possess a US Passport you CANNOT use this option – you must have a visa in advance.

zhuhai china arrival

Arrival in the cool seaside city of Zhuhai in China!

What is there to see and do in Zhuhai?

Don’t worry, a post on this will come soon! Zhuhai is a great seaside city and worth seeing! As well as Zhuhai itself there is also the option to visit Macau (it basically borders Zhuhai and yes, requires another border crossing and immigration check). You’ll not be short of things to see and do, this is China after all!

jonny blair in zhuhai

Loving the seaside city of Zhuhai in China. More to follow!

Safe travels!

My Videos on getting the Hong Kong to Zhuhai ferry:

Waiting in China Hong Kong ferry terminal for the Hong Kong to Zhu Hai ferry:

Boarding the Hong Kong to Zhuhai Ferry:

Leaving Hong Kong for Zhuhai, China:

On Board the Hong Kong to Zhuhai ferry:

Arrival in Zhuhai by ferry:

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