How to get a China Visa in Hong Kong Easily!!

Easy to get a China Visa in Hong Kong

Getting a China Visa is easy in Hong Kong!

It came to my attention recently that a few travellers have had problems and issues getting visas for China. Everyone wants to visit the world’s most populated country so I’m here with my latest visa advice for China!! I’m heading to China again soon for my 16th visit and I want to explain an easy and simple way for you travellers to get your China Visa – it’s easy! All you need to do is … get yourself to HONG KONG!

yuanyang rice terraces sunset in china

Admriring the rice terraces at Yuanyang pre sunset in China’s Yunnan Province.

In terms of defining a country, as far as I’m concerned Hong Kong is one. It has it’s own currency, flag, visa regulations and national football team. It was also British for a while, and that ended back in 1997. These days, lots of nationalities can get to Hong Kong without a Visa. You will get a stamp on arrival at the airport. If you arrive on a UK passport you can stay for 180 days no problem! A lot of nationalities also get a 90 day entry stamp – check with your embassy.

Lok Ma Chau border

Hong Kong to China border at Lok Ma Chau (there are quite a few border points)

Hong Kong borders China, and there are about 5-6 different border entry points. I have passed through all of them in the last few years. But before you get there you will need a valid China Visa, unless you are Chinese or a nationality that doesn’t require one (possibly Cuba or other ‘Communist’ countries – check with your embassy).

Tian Luo Keng in Fujian

Get a China Visa and visit places such as Tian Luo Keng in Fujian Province

There are literally hundreds of places in Hong Kong to get a China Visa and as far as I can tell, being in Hong Kong is by far and away the easiest and best way to get your visa for China, outside your home country, which as global nomads we are scarcely in.

Get your Chinese Visa in Hong Kong!

How to get a Chinese Visa easily! Get it in Hong Kong!

So in Hong Kong…if you walk around Tsim Sha Tsui (particularly near the notorious Chung King Mansions on Nathan Road) people will just shout “China visa” at you and certainly they will sort you out very easily with a China Visa but most likely they will charge for the service and get you a single entry visa only. These guys that roam the streets of TST selling visas and the like are good if you need one quickly – make sure everything is valid when you’re with them – office, proper forms etc. (the form on the photo below is the front page of the current real China Visa Application). But you’re better to find an agency yourself, read on…

The front of a China Visa form

Current front page of PR China Visa Application Form

These days, I get double or multiple entry visas for China. But my first ever China Visa was a single entry, so do that for starters unless you are planning two trips. So where should I get the Visa done? Well as I mentioned there are countless agencies that do them in Hong Kong (and although it might be cheaper to go to the Embassy – DON’T). Use an agency. You’ll get your Visa easily, no problem, on time and can collect even after normal closing hours. They will even help you fill in the form and if you don’t have the things you need they will tell you what to do. These agencies often open all day Saturday, weekday nights and some even a half or part day Sunday. Yes, I know agencies charge a bit more and I’m a budget traveller but I also believe that “time is money” and these agencies are fast and helpful so they save you time. An agency I have used recently is and recommend is:

China Travel Service (Hong Kong)

I recommend it – they have a lot of branches but believe me just turn up in Tsim Sha Tsui or Mong Kok and wander round the streets and you will see a place doing China Visas.

Getting a China Visa in Hong Kong

The application for a China Visa is very straight forward and the process is a fast one in Hong Kong

The link above contains all the information you will need, but I’ll shorten it for you here to make it easy, these are the things you need:

1. A valid passport with more than 6 months and 2 empty pages left in it

2. One passport photo

3. A completed Application Form, the key points are:

– They will ask for entrance point – always put Shenzhen as that way they know you are crossing the border on foot – which you will do if you go HK – China. I’ve always put Shenzhen. Thousands of tourists and business travellers pass the Hong Kong to Shenzhen border every day.

– They will ask for for expected date of travel – just make this up if you don’t know when you are heading – you will have three months (I think) from the date printed on the visa to enter. No big deal this question.

– There is a section for hotel/where you are staying. I normally just write a hotel name in the city I’m visiting on that trip, or write – staying with friends. On none of my 4 recent trips have I actually stayed in the place I wrote on the form. They never check. If they do then you will need to book a hostel or hotel online and print it to show them (I’ve never heard of this actually happening though).

– Do you have Medical Insurance? Just write ‘No’ in the box. Trust me!

– Type of Visa – I advise if this is your first time to get a SINGLE ENTRY. It’s no risk as there is a slight chance that they may not give you a DOUBLE ENTRY straight away. Once you have your single or double entries, next up apply for a multiple entry (I’m lucky at present that I have a valid HK ID card so a multiple entry is no problem)

4.  Payment (this varies depending on nationality – a single entry can be between 350 – 500 Hong Kong Dollars (less than £40 or $50 US)

5. Attend in person to hand in the form and voila!!

You also have the option of collecting it in a rush in ONE working day (for an extra cost), 2-3 working days (extra cost) or just what I do – regular 4 – 7 working days (the normal price).

SO there you have it folks! It’s easy to get a China Visa in Hong Kong. What are you waiting for? Get out there and see it!! China is an amazing country and to be honest it’s one you should never neglect. I’ve been 6 times and counting! Here’s 3 top photo highlights so far to get you in the mood to do China!!

1. On the Island of Gu Lang Yu, near Xiamen, FUJIAN Province:

Gu Lang Yu in Fujian

The walk to Sunlight Rock on the outstanding island of Gu Lang Yu, FUJIAN Province

2. On a boat on Xiang Long Lake in Danxiashan Mountains, GUANGDONG Province:

Xiang Long Lake in Danxiashan

A Slow Boat in China – relaxing at the amazingly quiet Xiang Long Lake in the Danxiashan Mountains

3. Being a typical tourist at Tiananmen Square in BEIJING:

Chairman Mao picture

Outside the Chairman Mao Picture at Tiananmen Square in 2007

I’ll write separately about crossing the border itself – also very easy and enjoyable. Here’s a video from my latest trip to China, where I saw the amazing Dialou Cluster in KAIPING:

You can see my You Tube videos here: Don’t Stop Living / Jonny Blair

You can read my latest China posts here: Don’t Stop Living / China

You can like my awesome Facebook page here: Don’t Stop Living does Facebook

Enjoy China! Don’t Stop Living!



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13 thoughts on “How to get a China Visa in Hong Kong Easily!!

  • Thanks mate!

    This is really useful. We made a few mistakes with our application. First off, we did say we had health insurance. Also, the regulations have become more strict since September 1 where you have to provide proof of an onward ticket along with a hotel reservation in your application. The agent isn’t so sure we’ll be both get a Visa because our hotel booking is only in my name (not in Audrey’s) and also we’ve booked our first night in Guilin and not in Guangzhou where we’ll be arriving by train. I guess we’ll find out on Monday if it all works out; fingers crossed!
    Samuel Jeffery recently posted…TurboJET Hydrofoil from Macau to Hong KongMy Profile

  • Thanks for the comment Sam – yeah Hong Kong is by far the best place to get a Chinese Visa, which I’ve had a load of recently. I’m actually ironically replying to you now from Beijing in China (a city I don’t actually really like but it was our stepping stone to North Korea). Hope you enjoy your time in China – it’s one of my favourite countries. Safe travels. Jonny

  • Hi Jonny,

    Thanks for the advices, particularly for the insurance part. I’m Canadian and currently in HK. I will (try to) return to mainland for the third time, this time with a working visa…fingers crossed! I fund an employer, and he’s ready to hire me, everything on his end is done. But when I tried to apply to the Chinese embassy in HK, they told me his working certificate mentions that I can apply from canada, not HK, which would require me to head back with.a 2000$ ticket… So now I’m waiting while my employer is redoing the process so that the certificate mentions “Hong Kong”. The process – his part – will work but I doubt this will work in HK as I was told china is making working visa requests harder year by year.

    Can I have your advice on something: I also heard that agencies in HK can actually do it for me in Canada. That would imply I send my passport by secure mail to canada, they would apply in my behalf – letter of consent, etc – and reship my passport. Do you know and/or trust this way?

    Also, thanks for the recommendation, I’ll try with China Travel Service


  • Hi Nic,
    Thanks for the comment. I have to be honest I have NEVER posted my passport anywhere and to me that seems a bit ridiculous to post it to Candad when you’re already in Hong Kong??? The easiest place in the world to get a Chinese visa is Hong Kong. Much easier than in Canada, so stick to your guns, just head into the agency and fill out all the details and I’m sure you’ll be fine unless you have criminal records or have been banned before. I have never heard of anyone not getting their visa! Safe travels and good luck! Jonny

  • Hi Jonny,

    Thanks for your quick reply. I will then wait and hope for the best.
    Your comments are reassuring. Will see and will keep you updated.

  • I am 17 year old, footballer, skater, non – biased between Android and iOS as it’s the most controversial topic and I write for my blog : My War with Entropy

  • What I wouldnt give to have a debate with you about this. You just say so many things that come from nowhere that Im fairly certain Id have a fair shot. Your blog is terrific visually, I mean people wont be bored. But others who can see past the videos and the layout wont be so impressed together with your generic understanding of this topic.

  • Hi Clarine thanks for the comment, bit of a generic comment there though but glad you found my post on how to get a China visa easily in Hong Kong useful. Safe travels. Jonny

  • Thanks for your comment Estefana, pretty cool bit of information there even if it’s none too relevant to getting a Chinese visa in the Kong easily. Safe travels. Jonny

  • Am Chad passport holder living in Chad I have visited both China and Hong Kong more than 8 times my passport is free visa to Hong Kong with duration of stay up to 14 days right now before I do China visa in Hong Kong almost 4 times so can I get it now also and how long duration tnx

  • Hi Ibrahim, Good luck with your visa. Like I mention, I am merely a tourist like you and we need to go through the correct channels – so check with the relevant embassy in Chad and safe travels. Jonny

  • you are so wrong on the medical insurrance part, you should ALWAYS have medical insurrance traveling in china, it’s a demand for any type of turist visa. family visit does not require medical insurrance/travel insurrance.

    as i remeber it, the visa form ask for medical issues, and mental issues, here you should for sure answer NO!
    but medical assurance/ travel assurance you should answer yes.

  • Hi Mathias, thanks for the comment. I’m a nationalist and totally against medical insurance and those types of companies who thieve money from the hard working folks, so I never succumb to insurance but for sure can fake the documents needed to get the visas. But yes always tick yes even though I don’t use it and always tick NO for all those types of questions on mental health, terrorism etc. I love China, 20 visits deep and I still want more! Safe travels to China!! Jonny

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