Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: Travel Adapters

Dont forget your travel adapter

Tuesday’s Travel Essential – Travel Adapters

Right so you’re heading to Africa with a laptop, an iPod and a camera. You’ll need to charge them. No problem? You’re staying in a hostel. Oops you forgot to check what type of plug sockets they have there, so unfortunately when you get there you then have to spend a few quid or dollars (or Rand) buying a travel adapter.

Now I’m talking here from someone who stupidly didn’t buy an all in multi socket travel adapter the first time I put my backpack on and started wandering. As a result I ended up buying separate ones as I needed them – so please learn from my mistake.

The best tip I can give is buy an international multi-country all in one travel adapter that is global before you head off! That way, you are sorted! This one is a bit pricey but fits the bill and ticks all the boxes: International Travel Plug Adapter (£19.99). Here’s a slightly cheaper option, but requires you to have a laptop as it’s a USB connection: Worldwide USB Adapter (£5.89). Don’t worry about spending around $10 US on this by the way – this will save you money on the long run for sure!

I also recommend buying a 2 way or 3 way adapter (depending on space in your bag). This will come in handy in places with not many sockets – you can share with a friend, or with the person who is using the only socket in the place you’re staying.

travel adapters like this are to be avoided

Avoid travel adapters like this – buy an all in one multi one

As a final point and I’m sure you know this – EVERY time you are near a socket on your travels and you have your camera, laptop chargers etc. – use them. It might be a few days before you find a socket again. I’ll be talking more about chargers, memory cards and spare batteries at some point, but to conclude with TWO travel essentials with regards adapters:

1. Carry a multi country all in one travel adapter.

2. Carry a two or three way travel adapter.

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