My Next FIVE Travel Destinations Planned!!

While my blog is normally informative and retrospective, sometimes I’m writing so much that I’m not always in the “here and now”. Well this post will clear things up about where I am right now, where I’m heading next and why I am so excited travel wise. My next 5 travel destinations are now planned and I start next week on another adventure!! Here are my next 5 travel destinations over the next 3-4 months so you can keep tabs with me (the bar on the right hand side always tells you where I’ve been, where I am and where I’m heading). Follow my adventures on Facebook too please!

1. Burma/Myanmar.

To be honest I never really intended to visit Burma/Myanmar this soon. But I’m trying to “tick off” the rest of the South East Asia countries while it’s cheaper and easier for me. Right now I’m sleeping on a settee (sofa) in Ma Wan in Hong Kong using this as my base. So Burma is the cheapest and closest new country I haven’t yet been to, for me to visit. My other options were East Timor and Papua New Guinea. But I plan to do them later down the line now, and probably with my girlfriend, as she hasn’t been to these two countries yet either – she’s been to Burma. So I’m off to Burma next, with a stopover in Bangkok to catch up with some friends, and some business.

burma myanmar flag

My next 5 destinations – Burma/Myanmar.


2. Tanzania, AFRICA.

Africa is the weakness in my travel repertoire. I’ve only visited Africa once in my entire life, and that was to the southern part (visited South Africa, Swaziland and Botswana). So I’m delighted to be heading to Tanzania for a safari! I’ll be going with Shadows of Africa and I have to recommend them – Great company to work with – love their itinerary and I can’t wait for the tour! Will be hoping to see “the big 5”, but probably not Kilimanjaro on this trip. I’m doing a “Best of Tanzania” tour!! Check it out!!

tanzania flag

Where I’m heading next – Tanzania is on the list!

3. North Korea.

Although I have included North Korea on my countries visited list the truth is I was only there while inside the Blue Hut at Panmunjom! Yes, I’ve stood in North Korea. But I haven’t gone backpacking there or done any tour of the country, so this trip has been coming for a while!

north korea jonny blair panmunjom

This is me standing in North Korea in 2011, officially. However I’m about to go there on a proper tour this time!

I’m delighted to say I have finally booked it and will be going with Young Pioneer Tours. Young Pioneer Tours are not just the budget tour company for North Korea, but they are very helpful, professional and down to earth. I’ve been chatting with the guys there on e-mail and on Facebook for about half a year now and I LOVE the way they are so relaxed about everything. They help you organise the tour you want, with ease and with a cool attitude. They are a real travel company who care about the tours they organise for their customers, mainly because the staff go on the tours with you!! I am heading on the Mass Games Tour in early September and I cannot tell you how excited I am to be visiting North Korea.I look forward immensely to blogging all about it! I covered the DMZ Tour in some detail before here.

north korea flag

Can’t wait to see Pyongyang for real, in North Korea.


4. Jordan.

After North Korea, we’re off to Jordan and to backpack round the Middle East. This is one that my girlfriend has been wanting to visit for years. Petra, the Dead Sea and of course the lowest place on earth will make for an exciting adventure. I haven’t delved into the Middle East properly either and from Jordan, we will be backpacking round the nearby countries, which brings me to number 5…

jordan is next up

Petra and the Dead Sea – myself and my girlfriend will be heading to Jordan.


5. Azerbaijan.

The thrill of an off the beaten track place like Azerbaijan gives me a chance to get out on the road again properly, as well as catching up with some mates as I’ve deliberately timed this trip to coincide with the Azerbaijan v Northern Ireland World Cup Qualifying football match. If you followed my blog in its early days (2007 – 2008) you’ll have read a load of stories about my trips round Europe watching the football. However it’s almost 4 years since I attended a Northern Ireland match at all, and almost 5 years since I was at an away match (San Marino, February 2009 being the last one). I’ll be looking to catch up with some old friends in Baku, before heading out to the pink Lake (Lake Masazir) and backpacking round this rather unknown country. I’ve a few other ideas, one of which includes getting a bus from Armenia into the country of Nagorno Karabakh.

azerbaijan flag jonny blair

I cannot wait to head to Azerbaijan!! Baku awaits!


So hopefully this post keeps you up to date with my travels for the next 2-3 months! You can follow me closer on Facebook, Twitter and You Tube! I’m aiming to have ticked off 80 countries by the year’s end! Safe travels!

9 thoughts on “My Next FIVE Travel Destinations Planned!!

  • It all sounds very exciting Jonny and I wish you safe travels.

    North Korea could be really fascinating and I hope that they are not too restrictive on your movements.

    I’ve been to Jordan and it can be a very interesting place with some dramatic scenery. If you are on a tour bus out in the country the look out for the children and families who rush out of their homes. They come out to wave to you as your bus drives by. It is an enduring and happy memory I have of my time on a trip to Petra.
    The Guy recently posted…What A Beautiful Rathaus, I Mean The Town Hall in HamburgMy Profile

  • Cant wait to get on the road properly again (that said I’ve been to Sri Lanka, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Phillipines and Brunei already in the last 6 months!!).

    Thanks for the tips about Jordan – girlfriend is up for that one more than me. I’m more excited about Azerbaijan to be honest – I always was an oddball!!

    Safe travels to you too! Jonny

  • Those are all choice countries! But, I think you are right about Azerbaijan probably being the “hidden gem” of the five. Very cool that you are going to there see a World Cup qualifier match! That, Armenia, and Georgia all seem to rather interesting “off the beaten” path destinations that any backpacker should look into. Looking forward to your blogs on this trip!

  • Thanks Ray – I used to go to World Cup Qualifiers all the time before i became nomadic – my last Northern Ireland match in 2009 was my 100th international, saw Northern Ireland beat England 1-0 in 2005 in Belfast!! Azerbaijan is my favourite on the list, but I’m really wanting to take a detour from Azerbaijan and visit Nagorno Karabakh – apparently not many tourists get a visa for it! Its capital city is Stepanakert and it can be reached by bus from Armenia. Will be writing my blogs on the move as usual but lack of internet will affect my updates over the next few months…stay tuned! Jonny

  • Thanks for the comment Bethaney. North Korea is a trip I’ve been meaning to do for about 4 years now. Decided n 2010 to do Antarctica first to tick off all seven continents and finally getting round to a proper North Korea visit in the next few months. Can’t wait.

    I’m not actually hyped for Burma that much believe it or not – I’m sure it will hit me when I arrive there though.

    Safe travels,


  • Amazing Marysia – have you written about Azerbaijan? I’m most interested in that one to be honest and can’t wait. Safe travels. Jonny

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