Monday’s Money Saving Tips For Backpacking in Europe

Money saving tips for backpacking in Europe

Money saving tips for backpacking in Europe

In Europe, the cities are vibrant, the countryside is stunning, the food is good, the beer is cheap and it’s a continent that’s full of travel worthy destinations. The downside? Europe can be insanely expensive even for a seasoned backpacker. On that note, here is a quick guide to essential money saving tips that will help you to make your money and your trip last longer.

Plan Ahead for Activities

When abroad, you’ll want to experience the iconic highlights of each location that you visit – that’s acceptable. However, the main tourist attractions can be expensive to visit so if you want to save money, it’s a good idea to plan ahead for activities by researching more information online about getting cheap tickets and perhaps even booking them online far in advance. If you want to know more about opera in prague click for more information.

Cheap tickets - League Cup football for a £5

Cheap tickets – League Cup football for a £5

Invest in a Euro Rail Pass

There is no better way to travel Europe than by train. Although it might be an upfront investment, if you do your research into the ticket options, you can actually travel quite cheaply by train to all of the major and not so well known destinations in Europe. In addition to being a real money saver in the grand scale of things, it’s also a great way to meet other travellers and get to know the locals.

World Borders: Crossing from Sweden into Norway for My 99th Country (Gothenburg to Oslo Train)

Crossing from Sweden into Norway for My 99th Country (Gothenburg to Oslo Train)

Pack light

People typically pack way too much when they go travelling. Sound familiar? If so, next time you travel to Europe pick clothing items you can mix and match and you will be surprised at what you can fit into a single rucksack that is small enough to be a carry on. Packing light will not only make life much easier when you are moving around but it will also allow you to make recurring savings on luggage fees.

Backpacking in Iran: Kalate Talkh Desert Oasis

Pack light

Go to the Baltic States

The Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are some of the most beautiful and underrated tourist destinations in the world. The standard of living is exceptionally high, and one of the things that shock most people is that even though these countries are overflowing with culture, they are (for now) incredibly cheap.

Backpacking in the Baltics: Latvia

Backpacking in the Baltics: Latvia

Saving money whilst travelling in Europe may not sound easy from the outset, but taking the above advice on board will see your money and your enjoyment factor stretch that little bit further.

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