Win a Trip to Las Vegas, Nevada, USA!!

Magical Vegas is bringing the readers of Don’t Stop Living a chance to win a trip to Las Vegas in Nevada, USA! You could win a 7 night stay in Magical Vegas as well as some spending money to boot. Here is the full competition details:

Magical Vegas accents

Magical Vegas accents

While organising this promotion, Magical Vegas also put together a poll about which accent is in the most demand in Sin City. Surprisingly it was the English accent that topped the poll. Yes, I had expected the Northern Irish or Australian accents to win, but not so! English accents rocketed clear at 41.4% of the poll. The French do well also, taking in 17.3% of the vote.

Magical Vegas also provides ways to gamble online, they have online slots you can sign up for. Magical Vegas also provides avid online gamers the opportunity to try their luck with their range of online slot and roulette games – so if you’ve always been a betting man, you can head over and sign up for some premium gaming.

For the competition, you’ll find that the competition rules state that when you register on the site, you automatically enter the competition. In addition to this, every time you deposit money in your account to play some of the online games, you get more tickets to enter the competition, increasing your chances of winning.

las vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

The competition is running now and will run until the end of the year, so get entering and you could be heading to Las Vegas! If you are looking for things to see and do in Las Vegas, don’t forget to check these articles:

Just as a disclosure the competition is only available to UK Nationals over the ages of 18.

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