Monday’s Money Saving Tips: FREE Walking Tours of Cities

Jonny Blair playing football with the kids in Jakarta Indonesia

I got to meet the locals and play football with kids in Jakarta, INDONESIA because I walked round the city.

In this regular feature called Monday’s Money Saving Tips I use my experiences from my travels to give some essential money saving advice as you nomadate (a new word) yourself around the globe. Today I concentrate on why it’s a good money saving tip to walk around cities. There are companies that run FREE Walking Tours of cities, but you can also do it yourself in most places. It’s cool to do walking tours of cities for the following reasons:

– You save money on public transport.

– You get to meet and interact with the locals.

– You sample the real life atmosphere and buzz of a city.

– You feel like you are really backpacking!

– You get better stories to tell.

– You get a bit of exercise.

– There are less limits as to where you can go.

Jonny Blair walked round Jakarta in Indonesia and saw the city at ground level

Monday’s Money Saving Tips – walking tours of cities – a great way to breathe the city’s daily life!

In Indonesia last year myself and a couple of travel buddies decided to walk around Jakarta, right the way down to the harbour front markets and slums. The first two photos on this post reflect life as it happens there in Jakarta, rather than life from the window of a bus. It’s amazing to experience and breathe a city first hand, the big bonus being you also save money!

Jonny Blair loves free walking tours of cities

Monday’s Money Saving Tips on Don’t Stop Living – FREE Walking Tours of Cities!!

On this note, I thought I’d let you know that in Europe, there are FREE Walking Tours of many of the major cities (OK, they expect a tip) but this is a great money saver and a way to make sure you see the cities up close and personal. I did this in Berlin. This is something some travellers forget!! If you’re heading to a new city, just google free walking tours for that city before your trip and then join up with them. That way you will really save money and meet new people.

Free Walking Tour of cities in Europe and Middle East

Free Walking Tour in Krakow, POLAND

Free Walking Tour in Budapest, HUNGARY

Monday’s Money Saving Tips is a regular feature on Don’t Stop Living – a lifestyle of travel from Jonny Blair the nomadic travelling Northern Irishman.

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