Monday’s Money Saving Tips: Booking Last Minute Deals

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Monday’s Money Saving Tips – Book last minute deals.

I’ll be honest and say that my girlfriend and I often disagree with whether to book things late or early. I’m very much a “book last minute” type of guy. I’m a lot more spontaneous. For example my upcoming trip to Africa in 2 weeks, I have booked a flight there (to Tanzania) so far but no flight out, as I believe it’s cheaper to book a last minute deal! My girlfriend always worries, believes the prices will go up and likes to book early (with the exception of her Antarctica trip where she scored a total bargain of course). Simply not true. Why worry about travel so much? If the price goes up, big deal, we still love it eh?

antarctica on the cheap jonny blair

I booked Antarctica nice and early but I’d have saved LOADS if I booked it last minute…

Last Minute Deals or Book Early?

With the exception of my Antarctica Adventure in 2010, most of my trips are booked close to the time and at the last minute. I don’t like to be tied down to flights and indeed in 2011 had to cancel my trip to the Philippines because I booked it too early and something else came up. Travel plans always change so booking early is not always the best option.

Honestly – look out for last minute deals and things can be cheaper, but you have to kind of know where to look. This sounds simple, but have you ever tried googling it? Go on try it! Type in “last minute deals” or something similar into Google and see what comes up. Then compare the prices on those sites to what you would have expected to pay.

Check these out:

– I typed in last minute travel deals on Google and found a load of new sites all offering deals.

– It’s easy to book last minute hotels – you’ll be surprised at the results. Even cheaper than turning up on the day sometimes.

– It’s best to book your Antarctica trip last minute! (I like this last tip best, don’t you?)

Of course it doesn’t all have to be online either. I usually book hotels and hostels in the places myself when I arrive. There’s no real need to book in advance unless places are really having a busy time of year. It’s not as if you’ll not find a bed anywhere!

A quick MMST today then as I’m about to head to Myanmar, country number 71 beckons…off I go. Happy Mondays!

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