How to get a Myanmar Visa in Hong Kong

getting a Myanmar visa in Hong Kong

How to get a Myanmar Visa in Hong Kong!

I’m heading to Myanmar (Burma) tomorrow and in a rush I needed to get my visa on Thursday this week (a few days ago). Living, working and backpacking in Asia means I normally get my visas in either Hong Kong or Bangkok. These are probably the best two cities for a backpacker to get visas in when they are in Asia. So I headed to the Myanmar Embassy in Hong Kong. Here’s an overview of how to get a Myanmar Visa in Hong Kong.

how to get a Burma visa in Hong Kong

The Sun Hung Kai Centre in Wan Chai where you can get your Myanmar Visa.

How to get to the Myanmar Embassy in Hong Kong
OK so it’s actually a Consulate rather than an embassy for Myanmar in Hong Kong. It’s located in Wan Chai. From the MTR station, head towards the seafront and through immigration tower to Harbour Road. Most of the walk is above ground on platforms and walkways – don’t go down onto the street – it’s too busy! Head to the Sun Hung Kai Centre at 30 Harbour Road. It’s a shopping centre for the first few floors and also a large skyscraper tower office block.

sun hung kai centre myanmar embassy

First step is get to the Myanmar Embassy on Harbour Road inside the Sun Hung Kai Centre.

To be honest, I’ve got lost a few times in Hong Kong, but this one is easy to find. You won’t have many problems getting there. Once you get to the Sun Hung Kai Centre, head to the office lobby and get a lift to the 24th Floor. You are heading for room 36, so it’s number 2436. I headed early morning and had to queue for the lifts going up.

myanmar visa in hong kong

In the queue for the lift to go up to the 24th floor of the Sun Hung Kai Centre for the Myanmar Consulate.

What are the Opening Hours for the Myanmar Embassy in Hong Kong?

You will need to check in closer to the time you’re applying as this is always changing and some days it’s completely closed (for example the day after I went, it was closed all day!). But in general the visa issuing time is from 9am until 12 noon.

opening hours of Consulate General Union of Myanmar

The opening hours as of July 2013 but these are subject to change.

If you know it is open the day you are going, get there for 8.45am. I always head to Embassies as soon as they open – no point in joining queues or risking running out of time for getting the visa. So all you need to do is

1. check it’s open the day you want and go and

2. go there just before it opens (around 8.45 am)

myanmar visa forms in Hong Kong

The visa forms in the Embassy but save time by printing it from the internet first.

What do you need to get a Myanmar Visa in Hong Kong?

I’m writing about those with a British or Irish passport here, so here’s what I needed (this would apply to most nationalities however don’t bank on it please):

1. One passport sized photo

2. One completed and signed application form (handy that you can download this and print it in advance, so it’s already all filled in for them when you get there)

3. Your passport

4. Your travel documents (I’ll be honest and say they didn’t actually require these, but I’ve put them on here and I took them as force of habit! Having been refused visas a few times, I always carry as much information as possible these days!!)

5. Your payment (a single entry tourist visa cost me 150 Hong Kong Dollars in July 2013).

how to get a myanmar visa in Hong Kong

Visa fees for a Myanmar Visa from the embassy in Hong Kong (prices in HK Dollars)

How Long Does It Take to get a Myanmar Visa?

It takes 2 days, and they mean 2 working days. So head there on the Monday morning and you’ll have it by the Wednesday morning. Unless they are closed or have some special event on, they may vary this, but in general allow yourself 2 working days.

myanmar visa in hong kong

My receipt for picking up my Myanmar Visa in Hong Kong.

However, I was in a rush to get into Myanmar and with only one day off work to organise it and a flight to Bangkok the following day, I requested for my visa to be issued quickly and given to me on the day. This can be done, but it is not common to get it on the same day, so please bear that in mind. I seem to have a knack of getting my visas at the last minute. They processed it for me on the same day. I handed in my forms at 9am, I had my visa in my hand at 4pm! Perfect!

jonny blair myanmar visa

My receipt to pick up my Myanmar Visa on the same day. I was lucky, it takes 2 days normally.

Is there anything else to know about how to get a Myanmar Visa in Hong Kong?

I’ve covered everything you need here I believe (in terms of a tourist visa at least). Where the embassy is, how to get there, what you will need and the costs at the time of writing. Just make sure you check the opening times and days before you do it!

getting a myanmar visa in hong kong

So that’s it folks! Get your Myanmar Visa in Hong Kong and off you go backpacking!

Right that’s it folks, I’ve got my visa, I’m off to Myanmar!! Country number 71 on my hit list!

Safe travels!

My Video on getting a Myanmar Visa in Hong Kong:

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