Monday’s Money Saving Tips: Sharing Food and Splitting Costs

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Monday’s Money Saving Tips: Cutting a kebab in half in Turkey!

Today on Monday’s Money Saving Tips, it’s time for more food tips. On your travels, eating out takes it’s toll. Flashy restaurants with their welcoming scents have to be ignored as they’re beyond your budget, 5 course meals become a dream and you end up with a local supermarket in every city you visit. But there are a few ways to cut the costs, food wise. Today I’m aiming to promote sharing food and splitting costs.

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Monday’s Money Saving Tips – coming away from my selfish habits and sharing my food 😉

This is useful especially for lunchtime. You don’t always feel hungry enough to have a full meal, so a good idea is to buy one meal, half the cost and share it. Even better, get a group of people together and split the cost of a big meal. I’ve no idea how much money I’ve saved on this over the years, but it’s a fair bit!

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Sharing food – saves money, saves time…Monday’s Money Saving Tips.

You can use this tip in restaurants to buy cheap meals and afford to eat out, as we have found this week in Turkey. My girlfriend and I now use the sharing food tactic to give us both discount and also means we can both try different food. So for example, We order a salad and a main course and share them both. Works out better value than each buying a full meal. You can use this tip when shopping too – buy in bulk, cook together and save money by sharing food and splitting the costs.

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Monday’s Money Saving Tips: Sharing Food.

Plus I’m not a big eater, so no food goes to waste. You can also save time if you’re splitting the cooking. Here’s a video I made this week in Nevsehir in Turkey especially to demonstrate this tip:

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